Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Indiana bridal shower!

This weekend, Matt's mother's friends threw us a beautiful shower at their church. My mom came down, and Jenn came up, and we had a great time. I wanted to post some photos of the event because it really was fabulous. I had never met around 98% of the women there, and they were just so generous and kind! I also got to meet Matt's paternal grandmother (I had only met his maternal grandmother, Gran) and several aunts and cousins, which was great. Unfortunately, his sister Meleah wasn't able to make it, but his other sisters (Michelle, Micah and Mindy) were there and we had a great time! My new little nieces, Jaylanne and Jessie, were also there in adorable matching outfits. My mom took these photos, and since we moved so quickly opening presents, there are only a few that aren't blurry. Enjoy!

The loot before we opened presents. Wow!!!
New luggage!

New knives from my parents! I'm pretty sure that I am insanely excited in this photo, while Matt pretends to throw a knife across the room. Standard.

A good shot of some presents. Please note the super duper amazing Kitchen Aid mixer, which was a gift from Matt's sisters, and the handmade blanket that was crocheted by one of the Smiths' church friends.

Two of my new sisters-to-be, Micah and Mindy, with my two nieces-to-be, Jaylanne and Jessie

An end-of-shower photo of Mom, me, Matt and Jill

The end!

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