Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Weekend, and Scary Pool

Hello folks! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend ... I certainly did. Lisa came to visit, and we had a great time doing pretty much nothing. It was in the humid mid-90s pretty much the entire time, so we spent as much time as possible ... inside. Watching movies.

For the record? DO NOT see the movie "Dear John." It was freaking horrible. Also, I don't really recommend "When in Rome." It was stupid, and Lisa slept through it. But whatevs.

We did have a fun time at the Taste of Bloomington, which was going on Saturday. It was so, so, so, so hot, so we didn't really last very long. But we had the most incredible bbq pulled pork (Fatman's - it was so good we went back there for dinner!) and this great watermelon and feta salad. Oh, and crostini with lemon ricotta, basil and a drizzle of honey. YUM!!!

So, that was fun.

Are y'all having a good summer? Do you have jobs that change over the summer (i.e. jobs in education), or do your jobs generally stay the same? I am so happy to work in education after working in a hospital (no vacations, ever!). While I still work throughout the summer, I go down to 24 hours a week, and it's much more relaxed. So even though I don't have my summers off, it still feels like a break.

One thing we're doing this summer is helping out at an afternoon program for teens - a safe, structured place they can go hang out, have some healthy food, etc. It's located at an apartment complex. Last week, I went with a couple kids to the apartment pool and dangled my feet in the water while they swam. Until ... we noticed 3 (THREE) ticks in the water. Oh. And a CONDOM. Puke. Pool time ended pretty quickly after that.

So ... what's the weirdest thing you have found in a pool?


Megan said...

Wish I had a summer break! I chose the wrong career path for that.

As far as nasty pools go I think I was in middle school when this happened. My parents sent me off to camp with a few other kids and while we were there some boy pooped in the pool. We didn't swim the rest of the week!

Anonymous said...

Floating face down in the bottom of a pool. During a Real Housewives reunion! Creepy!

Anonymous said...

Vom. I am stuck between going YAY safe sex and EW discard your condom, kthx!

Today is my last day at The Hospital. I praise Jesus today that I am done with that chapter in my life.

Unfortch this summer is the summer of Hell for me, with work and writing and school and training. 2012 can't come fast enough!!


Lucky in Love said...

Glad you had a great weekend with Lisa!

And the weirdest thing I have ever seen in a pool...an actual turd. Yep. It was disgusting.

But I think a condom is pretty bad too. Ick.

Brittany Ann said...

Like teenagers need more encouragement to think/have sex...and there's a condom floating by! ICK! How horrible!

Lucy Marie said...

One question: was it used?!

Susannah said...

Gag a mag! I am in education so I LOVE getting my summers off-till about mid July when I have to go back and set my classroom ALL THE WAY back up! Boo! I liked the movie Dear John........I also want to make out with Channing Tatum though, so..........:D

Perfectly Imperfect said...

a condom?! I would freak out.

We've had snakes before. I freaked out then too...

Rachel said...

That is disgusting! Also, I totally agree with you on Dear John.. soo long and drawn out!

Mel said...

Ewww on the condom. I have a pool at my house and I keep getting threatened by the guys with pee in the pool.

I read the book Dear John and it was a bit long, but I wanted to see the move just for Tatum Channing's abs. Is it worth seeing it for that? Please tell me it is.