Friday, January 14, 2011

Small Town Headlines

Most of you know by now that we live in a pretty small town. It isn't considered a "traditional" small town because it's a COLLEGE town. But to be honest ... there's a lot of very small town-y stuff about Bloomington. Perhaps the biggest small town-y thing about Bloomington is our local newspaper. I have gotten in the habit of scanning the newspaper online each day for local headlines, and wow. There have been several gems lately. Here are a few of my favorites - often amusing, misleading, and just generally ridiculous.

Authorities believe that thousands of gallons of vegetable oil in garage fueled fire.

Man arrested for having sex with girl.

Wrong number text offering drugs accidentally goes to prosecutor.

And, drumroll please, my new favorite:

Man jailed in Daviess County tells police he didn't know woman was dead during sex.

Just lovely! Any fun small town headlines from your neck of the woods?

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Lucy Marie said...

Ha! Love these. This is almost as good as the post with all the photos from the fair or whatever that event was.