Thursday, June 21, 2012

21 Weeks and a Heat Wave!

Y'all, it's hot out.  I guess hot weather + pregnancy = DEATHLY HOT.  I'm moving slowly and feeling crummy out in the heat, which has really taken me by surprise.  I don't love the heat normally, but being out and about in 95 degree weather has really taken it out of me!  

Anyway .... here's a photo of me on Monday, at 21 weeks!

Yep, that belly just keeps getting bigger!  Oh, and I guess the baby does, too.  :)  

How far along?  21 weeks when the photo was taken above - 21w3d today!  

How big is baby?  Around 8 inches from head to rump, and we're up to around 1 pound in weight!  This week, he is approximately the size of a spaghetti squash.  

Huh, okay.  Yeah.  Sure.  Spaghetti squash.  

Total weight gain:  I haven't weighed myself since last week ... so I'll stick with around 10 pounds.  :)  

Maternity clothes?  Hells to the yes.  

Sleep:  I had a few nights in a row of horrible sleep this night.  Three nights in a row of middle-of-the-night insomnia paired with random puking.  Thankfully, last night I slept like a rockstar again (from 9:30-6:30 ... woohoo!) and I woke up today NOT feeling like death, which was awesome!         

Cravings:  Fruity frozen yogurt covered in fresh fruit.  Yes, yes, yes.  If you have a Red Mango in your area, do yourself a treat and go get some.  My favorite is peach froyo with strawberries, raspberries and kiwi.  YES.      

Best moment this week:  Showing up at my in-laws house to find a whole bag full of baby boy clothes my mother-in-law had (immediately) purchased for our sweet boy!  She called me today to let me know that a few more things she had ordered just came in.  :)  He is so very loved (and outfitted) already!  Here's my favorite outfit:

Swoon.  Is that not the absolute cutest?!  

Movement: All the time!  It seems like he's been SUPER active the last couple of days and I feel him almost all the time.  It's amazing!    

Gender:  It's a boy!!!  

Belly Button in or out? Innie ... but getting surprisingly shallow.

What I miss:  Nothing this week!  Very happy and content.  :)

Milestones:  No big milestones this week - unless filling up baby boy's closet counts!  

I've been trying to spend some quality time with my first baby lately - since Matt is out of town, it's just the two of us, so we're doing some bonding.  Here are a few photos of our latest adventures ...

Sooo what's been going on with everyone else lately?  


amanda said...

I love these posts! I think you're about a week behind me (due Oct 25) so it's so fun to compare.

I think it must have been a week for bad sleep. You're the 3rd prego girl I've heard say that. I had 2 or 3 bad nights, but was thankful to sleep really well last night. I decided the next bad night I have, within an hour of laying down, I'll take a unisom (MD approved). Rather than tossing and turning for 3 hours and then realizing that it's too late to sleep off any relief.

You're little man is going to be one finely dressed fella!

Lucy Marie said...

He's going to be a well dress Gentleman! I hope you're able to take it easy in this heat ... Being pregnant through the summer is rough. That summer of 2010 was brut-AL. I hope this summer goes easy on you.