Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Running Fail

Man oh man.  After months and months of pain while running, I finally talked to my running-group-trainer-guy, Derek, about what on earth is causing this.  The verdict:  I am an over-pronater.  And yeah, I'm really not sure how to spell that, but you get the general idea.  When I run, my feet are turning in and collapsing my arch, causing all sorts of leg issues.  The more I run with these shoes, the worse it will get (and don't worry, it's gotten pretty bad already!).  It can also start to affect other areas of my body - especially my bad.  

I started into the run tonight, and I don't know if it was primarily physical, psychological, or both, but...I just didn't make it.  I ran the warm-up mile and then called it quits.  In addition to my legs hurting in that weird spot, I apparently strained (?) the tendon that runs through the arch of my right foot.  This happened a couple of days ago somehow, and I have been trying to stretch it out and massage it regularly...but it still feels all crappy.  So, after running the warm-up mile, I said my goodbyes and headed to the car.  

When I got in the car, I sat there for a few minutes and drank my water before noticing a nasty, green, slimy bug going into some sort of convulsions on my finger.  Gross.  I quickly opened the car door and flung it out into the grass (don't worry, I was still parked!).  Suddenly, I felt something cold and wet in my lap.  I looked down and realized that my water bottle was open and pouring out all over my crotchal area, which then proceeded to drip down into a pool in my seat.  

That's right.  It looked like I massively wet myself.  I then noticed that something (possible the other half of the nasty green slimy bug???) had died all over my leg.  AHHHHHH.

I gave up and drove home immediately.  Matt and I took a walk, and now we're watching Jeopardy.  We watch Jeopardy every night these days.  I just looked down and realized that I still have nasty brown and green bug guts all over my leg.  LOVELY.  On that note...Happy Tuesday!!!  I'm headed to the bathroom to wash whatever this is off my leg.  

Oh, and tomorrow, I have a date with Derek, my trainer, at the running store so that he can find me some new shoes.  He promised to find something on sale, PLUS I get 10% off of anything in the running store while my training group is ongoing.  I'll let you know what happens!  


Wearing Mascara said...

AHHHH are you serious about the bug?! YUCK! I hate bugs - yes I'm such a girl. Whatever they suck.

Sorry about your running pains. At least you're getting it taken care of ASAP and therefore not letting it hold you back. You go girl! xoxo

Lisa said...

Randy and I went to a running store in Portland and had shoes fitted for us. (No sales tax, yo!) It was a fun experience although I ended up with what appear to be orthopedic shoes that have the word BEAST written across them!

Brittany Ann said...

I'm totally an overpronator, too. Don't worry. I buy good shoes, and they help tons. I'm actually doing a Workout Wednesday post on this tomorrow!

Jenn said...

sorry to hear the running has been rough. i hate running in general so i still give you props for doing it.

and rob and i totally watch jeopardy. when i know an answer - i feel like the smartest person on earth, even if the category is "current celebrity events seen on perez hilton" :)

Casey (@ Ever-Changing Life) said...

That was totally a sign that it was time to go home. OR you really wet yourself and you are trying to cover it up :) Ha ha! Hope you find new shoes...

brown eyed girl said...

Hahaha you crack me up sooo much! I really started off reading, thinking, damn Shaina could use a break and then I ended up in a fit of giggles with the subsequent paragraphs! My b.

Hope it goes well today! :)

Lucky in Love said...

Good luck with the new shoes! You are really lucky to have someone you can go to about this stuff. I feel like maybe I run weird and that's why I hurt as well. Who knows though?

Anyway....good luck and I hope you see an improvement :)

gigiofca said...

Hi Shaina -- you won:


Please email me: gigiofca ett gmail

The New Black said...

That is so funny! I have the opposite problem with running, mine go out. I'm not being as proactive about it as you are though...I should get on it!

kilax said...

What a night! I would have just gone to bed! :(

I bet you will find a good pair of shoes today :)