Tuesday, March 8, 2011

5 Years!

Five years ago from, er, yesterday (can you believe I actually FORGOT until Matt reminded me?), I went on a really great blind date with a really great guy that ended up working out really well. We met through some mutual friends (Jenn and Ryan) who thought we could maybe be friends. Ryan sent us each other's contact information and, to be honest, I wasn't really interested in dating someone who played with EXPLOSIVES for a living. But then, this adorably awkward email arrived in my inbox and I was powerless to resist:

Ryan M gave me your email address so I thought I would see what you are up to. What sorts of things do you like around here? Do you like hiking or are you more of a city person? Ryan didn't tell me much about you but if you would like to grab lunch or dinner sometime that would be all right. Again, I don't really know what you like to eat but I am sure we could find something. I hope you have a good week. Matt

After a few more awkward emails traded back and forth and a phone call that made me wonder if I was detecting a southern accent (it turned out to be southern Indiana ... ha!), we met up for a sushi dinner that was MORE than superb - the food and the company. One thing quickly led to another and soon, we were pretty much inseparable. Two years from that first date, we got engaged and a few months after that, we got married. And here we are, five years later. We've made it through a cross-country move, unemployment, a deployment, and lots of other fun stuff. And I wouldn't want to do it with anyone else!

And for your viewing pleasure ... some photos of us from 2006.


Lucky in Love said...

You two are so cute! I still get so happy thinking about the fact that he is HOME with you :)

Anonymous said...

I think you owe a huge debt to those two awesome friends of yours who helped facilitate that awkward email. Maybe the debt could be repaid in salted caramel marshmallows from the Farmers Market?

Happy FIVE (yesterday)!

Kyle said...

yay :) Is picture #2 "I want to eat you" or "I want to kiss you"? :)

Lucy Marie said...

I loves. I loves I loves I loves.