Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Dog Party. I mean, Surprise Party.

A few weeks ago ... okay, I think it was a month already, Matt and I headed up to Grand Rapids, MI for a surprise 30th birthday party for Randy. Randy is my BFF Lisa's boyfriend, and he's also a good friend of mine from college. Lisa put together a great surprise party for him, and we had such a great time hanging out with college buddies.

Here is a photo of Lisa and Randy, post-surprise:
Aaand that's pretty much the only photo of just humans that I have. Because the hosts of the party, Joe and Laura (more college friends) have the cutest French Bulldogs, and Lisa and Randy have their adorable little Bacon pup, and it was a total dog fest. They were cute. Like, really cute.
The Frenchies look like little yodas. Or something. This is Vinny, I believe.
Dog party!
Mmmmmm Jimmy Johns ....
Matt isn't really this pissed ... I think.
Birthday monster!
Dog face-off
Just chillin ...
This is Lou. Lou likes to be held and cuddled when he's sleepy, like a baby.
Such cuties!!! All in all, we had a great time at the party - it was so good to see everyone, and even though it was a brief trip (we drove 6 hours there on a Saturday and 6 back in a blizzard on Sunday), it was absolutely worth it. Yay!


AEOT said...

Really??? Really, Shaina???? You came ALL the way to GR and you didn't happen to mention this to me?????? Hello, I live here and would give anything to meet you and hubs and have a quick, nice to meet you breakfast!!!!! Ooooohhh, I am soooo mad at you right now!!! Okay, so I'm not really, but next time you get up here you better schedule some AEOT time!!

Sofia Britts said...

Aww, I love French Bulldogs! That's true, dogs magnetize attention. Whenever someone arrives at a party with a dog, the pet suddenly becomes the center of everything. Our dog become superstars too whenever I hold parties here in our house. I think I'm gonna throw my pet a party soon using the money left from my cash advances. Dogs have birthdays too, you know.

Anxiety Remedies said...

It certainly looks like a very fun surprise birthday bash! Love your dog!