Monday, June 4, 2012

19 Weeks!

I can't believe I'm only a week away from being approximately 50% through this pregnancy!  The last 19 weeks have flown by ... I am more and more in awe of being pregnant every day, as cheesy as that sounds.  I have absolutely loved being pregnant so far and I can only hope this euphoria lasts for the next 21ish weeks!  

Matt and I went up to Indy over the weekend to pick up my computer (which was being fixed at the Apple store) and afterwards, we registered at Buy Buy Baby!  Which was fun, and exhausting, all at the same time.  We are registering over on Amazon too, and the registries should be more complete when we know if we're having a boy or a girl!  

Over Memorial Day weekend when we started cleaning out the nursery/guest room, we found an old $25 merchandise credit to Williams Sonoma.  Yes.  From our wedding.  3.5 years ago.  There's a W-S right across from the Apple store at the mall, so we wandered around to find a treat.  Since there's not a ton of merchandise you can pick up at W-S for a mere $25, we decided to treat ourselves to some fancy foodstuffs.  Also know as ... 

Mmmmmm.  Vosges Mo's Bacon Chocolate Chip Pancake Mix.  Plus some vanilla bean maple syrup (not pictured).  We made those pancakes on Sunday and they were ex-cep-tion-al.

Anyway.  We did some more work on the nursery yesterday because Matt will be going out of town for awhile for work.  The crib will be delivered this week or next week, and I wanted to make sure we had some room to set it up!  So we moved things all around, shoved the bed against the wall (we're keeping the bed temporarily until a month or so after Baby Smith arrives, at which point we will FINALLY be able to set up the nursery how I want it!), cleaned out more of the closet, etc.  This is a really horrible photo of our current progress:

Yeah, I know.  You can't really see anything.  But trust me, things are happening.  :)

How far along?  19 weeks!  

How big is baby?  6.5 inches from head to tail and 10.6oz.  Depending on the app/site, we're at the size of a small cantaloupe or a mango.  Mmm fruit.     

Total weight gain:  I weighed myself this morning and I'm suddenly up between 6-7 pounds.  I've been really hungry the last week or so, which I guess means that baby is having a growth spurt!  

Maternity clothes?  Oh yes.  And loving them.  

Sleep:  Sleeping well - no complaints yet (besides the constant heartburn the second I lay down every night, blech).       

Cravings:  Remember how last week I was craving tacos?  Well, that craving just didn't quit.  

Yep.  Those tacos were kind of amazing.  

Best moment this week:  Feeling the wee baby move every day!  It's really incredible!

Movement: YES!!!  Yay!!!

Gender:  One week from Wednesday!!!  

Belly Button in or out? Innie.

What I miss:  Nothing this week!  Very happy and content.  :)

Milestones:  A stranger at the mall asked me if I was having a girl or a boy - the first stranger to say something about me being pregnant.  I guess I officially look pregnant and not fat now ... ?  I threw a comparison photo below to show you how much of a difference 3 weeks has made!  Wowsers!  

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Erin said...

Baby wiggles are the BEST! So reassuring to mama :) I'm so happy for you, Shaina - you've waited so long and I PROMISE you that motherhood was worth that wait!