Thursday, May 31, 2012

18 Weeks and Feeling Movement!!!

How far along?  18+3 today (18 weeks exactly when I took the photo above)

How big is baby?  Around 6 inches from crown to rump, and right now baby weighs around 8.5oz.  Depending on the website/app, we're either at the size of an heirloom tomato, a mango, or a sweet potato.  :)  Mmmm.  Is anyone else getting hungry?!    

Total weight gain:  Between 3-4 pounds depending on the day.
Maternity clothes?  I'm loving my new maternity "wardrobe!"  Wardrobe in quotations, of course, because I don't have that many items ... but I've been doing a good job of rotating and making the most of my non-maternity items that still fit!  On the shopping list this week is a maternity swimsuit ... or at least just a tankini top.  My bottoms fit just fine, but my current (non-maternity) tankini top is extremely tight and uncomfortable.  I went to a deep water exercise class the other day and I felt like it was trying to cut off my circulation!!!  

Sleep:  No complaints about sleep right now!  I've really been sleeping well lately.  The main issue is that I want to sleep allllll the time.  I'm having such a tough time getting up in the morning for work - I wake up wishing every day was Saturday!     

Cravings:  I know it's a weird one, but the last couple of days I've REALLY been craving tacos.  Old school tacos, nothing fancy ... just a hard shell with some taco beef, lettuce, and cheese.  Simple.  Methinks I'll be picking up taco fixings on the way home from work today!  

Best moment this week:  Two great moments in the last week and a half!  First of all, we found out that my sister-in-law is pregnant AND due just a week after me!  I am due 10/29 and she is due 11/7 (coincidentally, also my mother-in-law's birthday!).  I just feel so overwhelmingly happy about this - she and her husband have been trying for baby #2 for several years and I'm so happy things worked out.  I'm also THRILLED that our baby will have a cousin so close in age!  The other fantastic moment happened on Monday ... and Tuesday, and Wednesday, and this morning.  Baby Smith is moving!  And I can feel it!  We went swimming down at my SIL's on Monday, and when we got home I felt two distinct little kicks.  They felt unlike anything I had experienced so far and I couldn't believe it!  Since then, I've felt movement every single day and it's just amazing.  Sometimes I sit and concentrate and say "move baby, move!" so that I can pay attention to the movement when it happens, but surprisingly, the baby isn't quite following my orders yet.  Aaaaand probably won't for a long time.  :)  I am really looking forward to when these movements can be felt from the outside so Matt can feel his baby kick! 

Movement: YES!!!  Yay!!!

Gender:  We'll know in just under two weeks ... The concensus by far is girl girl girl.  Anyone care to place a wager? 

Belly Button in or out? Innie.

What I miss:  Nothing this week!  Very happy and content.  :)

Milestones:  Feeling the baby kick was a HUGE milestone for me.  It's so easy to think that everything is just too good to be true ... sometimes I still can't believe I'm pregnant and this is even happening.  I know it sounds weird, but it just doesn't seem real sometimes!  Feeling those little movements ... well, everything just seems a lot more real to me now.  PLUS we have officially ordered furniture!  The crib and glider have been ordered and should be here within a couple of weeks - VERY exciting.  We also started going through the guest room (soon to be the nursery) and got rid of a bunch of stuff, reorganized, moved things around, and are starting to get this place ready for a baby! 

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