Thursday, May 17, 2012

16 Weeks = Pickles

Well, my 16 week post is a few days late (I was 16 weeks on Monday), but I'm blaming my computer for having some photo uploading issues.  This past week and a half has been The Week Of The Pickle.  No, that's not a euphemism.  I am just so in love with these Claussen kosher dill pickles that I have one almost every day.  They are so perfect and crunchy and ... mmmm.  Yep.  I'm going to need to have one when I finish writing this.  Sigh.    

Anyway.  Without further ado ...

How far along?  16 weeks and 3 days today (16 weeks exactly when I took the photo above)  

How big is baby?  According to the What to Expect app, Baby Smith is the size of a turnip - 5 inches long and 5 oz.  The BabyBump app says onion, 5.1 inches, and 5.9 oz.  :)

Total weight gain:  Still fluctuating up a pound and down a pound.    

Maternity clothes? Yes.  I don't have anything new since last week, just rotating through the 3-4 things I own with some closet staples like cardigans.  I think I have discovered the secret to buying minimal maternity clothes - buy plain, solid color stuff that can be rotated easily with pretty much anything else in my closet.  So my wardrobe is fairly boring these days, but I don't even care anymore.  

Sleep:  Sleeping pretty well, besides the almost-constant heartburn that has been plaguing me.  My midwife told me to pick up some zantac, so I'll be trying that out and hoping for the best!  

Cravings: Pickles!  Yum!    

Best moment this week:  Hearing Baby Smith's loud, strong heartbeat this morning at my midwife appointment.  At 8 week sand 12 weeks, the heartrate was in the 160s and this morning it was in the 150s.  Do we have any gender guesses?    

Movement: Over the past few days, I've had a couple of little flutters but to be honest, they are so very subtle I can't really tell if it's the baby or just things moving around in there.  I'm really trying to pay attention to anything I'm feeling these days and I can't wait to feel the baby for real!  

Gender: We scheduled the anatomy scan this morning for June 13th at 1:00.  Pretty much everyone thinks we're having a girl, and I'm starting to believe them!  Still not sure yet, though.    

Belly Button in or out? Innie.  I've had two laparoscopic surgeries with incisions in my belly button, so I'm kind of interested to see what it will do!  :)  

What I miss:  Staying awake past 9:30 to watch good TV.  Ha.    

Weekly Wisdom:  I still don't know how I'm supposed to have any wisdom.  :)  

Milestones: Hearing baby's heartbeat this morning, and scheduling my 20 week ultrasound!  Cannot believe we're just a month away from half baked!  Also, on Saturday I went to my first prenatal yoga class.  Not sure if I'm going to keep going to the classes because they are fairly expensive, but I will definitely be doing some prenatal yoga at home.  I walked into the yoga place and found a wall full of these fun cloth diapers!  We are going to be cloth diapering and I love seeing all the fun colors!  :)


Future Mrs. K said...

Oh my goodness!! I am soo excited for you!! Congratulations!

amanda said...

Still fun reading your posts and coparing them with my own pregnancy progress. Our anatomy scan is scheduled for the 30th, but we haven't decided if we're goign to find out the gender or not. My husband is voting for yes, but I'm still holding out. We didnt' know with my son, but I love hearing when other people find out!

amanda said...

Oh yeah! We cloth diaper too and we love it!

Lucy Marie said...

Look at your cute little tummy. I love it. And I wa swondering if you were still planning to CD. It's awesome, you'll love it.