Monday, May 7, 2012

Blogging Motivation?

Big Ten Baby!

So!  About a week after my last post (and yes, I know it was three months ago!), and about a week after my 30th birthday, Matt and I found out that we were expecting!  As I hinted at in my birthday post, our journey to become parents has not been an easy road - nor has it been as challenging a journey as so many other couples struggle with.  It took us sixteen months (and three cycles of fertility meds) to get to this point, and frankly ... it still doesn't seem real.  I have been wanting to blog about Baby Smith for awhile (we officially "came out" on Facebook and Twitter a few weeks ago), but I think it's just been so hard for me to believe that this is really happening.  After wanting something so much, for so long, and then it finally happens ... it's very overwhelming.  So basically, this pregnancy is flying by and I feel like I'm not doing a very good job of focusing on what's happening!  Which means that maybe, JUST maybe, it's time to start up the old blog again.  I'd like to keep track of my weekly photos and stuff (because I have been HORRIBLE at taking photos so far).  So, I'm not making any promises, but let's just see where this goes. :)

{Insert crazy caption here about pee stick obsession}

I found out I was pregnant on February 17th, 2012.  My due date is October 29th - SO thrilled to be having a fall baby!  Fall is my favorite season, and our wedding anniversary is 11/8.  My gut feeling is that we will have a November baby, and not an October baby, but who knows!  Here's our 8 week ultrasound photo:

Gummy bear baby!

Anyway, my photos from 4 weeks through 14 weeks are kind of spotty and inconsistent, so I'm going to start with today's photo (15 weeks!  Yay!) and just consider myself caught up!  :)

How far along?  15 weeks exactly!  

How big is baby?  Around 3 ounces, measuring between 4-5 ounces in length.  Little peanut!

Total weight gain:  I'm fluctuating between one pound below prepregnancy weight and one pound over.  So I guess I'll take the average and say ... no weight gain yet.  

Maternity clothes? I have one pair of maternity capris (worn in the photo above and almost every day of every week) and a maternity jean skirt that is a bit too big for me still.  I have a couple of maternity t-shirts and tanks but mostly just repurposing my wardrobe (don't the fashion bloggers call that a "remix"??) and trying to make non-maternity stuff last as long as possible.  Maternity clothes are expensive!  Oh, but I did just score this super cute maternity dress from Gilt Groupe to wear to Lisa's bridal shower in a couple of weeks (and maybe rehearsal dinner in July, too!):

Yes, my self-portraits are usually taken at my work bathroom.  What of it?

Sleep:  I slept absolutely horribly all through the first trimester, with crazy dreams and getting up to pee 800 times a night.  Then, a couple of weeks ago, I started sleeping GREAT and it's been so wonderful ever since!  The only thing bothering me is that I will sleep in one position for most of the night, and when I wake up, my arm is always asleep.  #firstworldproblems.   

Cravings: I was really into fruit a few weeks ago and couldn't get enough strawberries, watermelon and raspberries.  But right now, no real cravings or food aversions, which is great!  

Best moment this week: Having Matt take the photo above ... and realizing that Baby Smith has definitely popped over the last few days!  My ambiguously fat beer gut/baby gut is slowly turning into a for-real baby belly!  

Movement: None yet - I cannot WAIT for this! 

Gender: Team Green for now ... we will find out in about 5 weeks if we're having a boy or a girl!  Almost everyone has told me they think I'm having a girl.  Matt and I have absolutely no idea or intuition at all, so who knows!  

Belly Button in or out? Innie. 

What I miss:  Really, nothing.  I am so very happy and thankful to be here ... I couldn't care less about missing out on wine, or delicious soft cheeses, or even sushi!  Oh, okay, I do miss something.  I miss being able to eat something - anything - without it giving me crazy heartburn.  I eat a strawberry = heartburn.  I have a sip of water = heartburn.  ARGH.   

Weekly Wisdom:  Well, I have no wisdom.  I don't know what I'm talking about yet.  :)

Milestones: Happily cruising through the 2nd trimester and feeling great!  

So, there ya have it.  Baby Smith, coming 10/29/12!  Oscar cannot WAIT to have a baby brother or sister.  Can't you tell?


Jenny @ Practically Perfect... said...

That's so wonderful - congratulations! I think that fall/winter babies are awesome (Joe is a winter baby) because you can kind of hibernate with them, ha ha! No one expects you to get out too much in the cold, and it gives you plenty of time to lose the baby weight before swimsuit season :-) Again, congratulations!

AEOT said...

Congrats, Shaina!! So happy for you guys! I had really weird dreams in the first tri too (and with this pregnancy, they came back in the 3rd tri). If the heartburn is really bad and the tums isn't controlling it, you can definitely try OTC zantac to see if that helps. There are quite a few prescription reflux meds that are safe too if you need something even stronger.

PS- Target has quite a few maxi dresses that would be perfect for the summer and early fall- a few that are maternity and a few that aren't (but would totally work). Perfect for work with a cardigan and easy for weekends. Most of my pants are from Old Navy and I really like them. I prefer the under the belly (though this definitely isn't everyone's preference!).

Ms. Attitude said...

Congratulations! That is such great news and it is so good to see you back in the bloggy world.

Amanda said...

Congratulations! That is great news! I am due with our #2 9-28-12 so we're really close! I have had crazy dreams too, and I am still having them in the 2nd trimester, and one of my limbs is ALWAYS asleep when I get up! I agree with AEOT on Target, their maxi dresses are adorable and I like their Liz Lange stuff too. Not too pricey and still cute. Good luck going forward!!

Lucky in Love said...

Now you are OFFICIALLY pregnant :) So thrilled for you guys!!!

Perfectly Imperfect said...

I am so, so excited for you and I can't wait to follow along with this. I can't wait to meet Baby Smith!!

Naturally Caffeinated Family said...

Congratulations!! What exciting news! Glad you're feeling well! :)