Thursday, August 6, 2009

The office/closet: an update, sans photos

I know, I know.  You were getting super excited to see my "after" photos of my office/closet.  But I don't have any.  Yet.  
They will come.  Don't worry.

I finished decorating my office/closet today, and I think it looks spectacular!  I hung up my diplomas on one wall (gotta look important and professional, you know - the kids just love that...).  On the remaining wall, I have five of my uncle's framed photographs from our trip to Africa in 2001.  They are gorgeous!  I didn't take any photos yet because my office/closet is still full of move-in clutter.  You know, piles of stuff I haven't yet filed.  I should have good photos by Tuesday.

I know, I know.  Tuesday.  But tomorrow, I don't work (this is my last week of part-time summer happiness!), and Monday is absolutely crazy.  We have a district-wide meeting at 8am at my high school, and then Becky and I have to work a Chamber of Commerce event at the IU Auditorium - we are hosting a luncheon with Senator Lugar.  So, that should be fun.  Or whatever.

SO.  Tuesday it is.  Photos and organization, I promise!

And in the meantime...several of you have wondered why on earth I had Huggies boxes in my office.  No, I do not have a secret child I have hidden from all of you, although wouldn't that be juicy??!  When I was packing up my old office, my friend Becky (a mom of two) provided me with diaper boxes for all of my files.

So, that's that.  Such a boring explanation, right?  Anyway.  After a wonderful happy hour at my apartment with my friend Becky (it involved lemonade and Firefly sweet tea vodka and cheese!), Matt and I are settling in for a good night of Thursday tv.  Happy weekend, my friends!


Katie said... worker or teacher...still work with students, right? ;)

Wearing Mascara said...

LOL to: Wouldn't that be juicy :-)

Can't wait to see pics!

Crazy Shenanigans said...

Haha, that would have been an interesting twist if so!

Lucy Marie said...

I cannot wait to see the photos! And I so wish you had a secret love child.

Lucky in Love said...

I can't wait for pictures! Enjoy your last moments of freedom my friend. School starts so soon!

Taryn said...

Oo- I can't wait to see pictures of your trip from Africa. will we be able to see them?