Sunday, October 18, 2009

Macy's 1st Birthday

Today, Oscar and I went to a very important event: Macy's first birthday party. Who is Macy?

This is Macy. She's my nephew Cooper's dog, and she turned 1 today. He asked my SIL Meleah if they could have a birthday party for Macy, and Meleah just couldn't say no!
Meleah, her husband David, and Cooper live in an awesome log cabin on a ton of land. They have horses, pigs, goats, and...Macy. Here is Oscar reacquainting himself with Sydnie, my SIL Mindy and BIL Kelley's great dane.
My BIL David's mother just got this ADORABLE little puppy. Here is Sydnie examining the puppy, Buck, who is approximately 1/5720835th of Sydnie's size.
See what I mean? Sydnie is really, really big.
Meanwhile, Oscar made a new friend...

And then we decided it would be fun to have Buck ride Sydnie.
It didn't really work.
Awwww. So much cuteness.
Hanging out
My BIL David, Macy, and my nephew Cooper
Here's my little guy! Isn't he a cutie?
These guys hung out from a distance and watched the festivities.
This guy seemed pretty concerned when Oscar approached. He made a lot of noise. His ancestors probably told him about last year, when Oscar got under the electric fence and tormented the pigs. It was...a bad thing.
Meleah and David recently got goats, and I have to say that they are pretty darn adorable. They were both really interested in me...but not so interested in Oscar. And, yes, Oscar got under the electric fence and chased them around in their enclosure for awhile. Sigh.
Here is an awesome photo of Sydnie sitting on Kelley's lap. And I have my eyes closed. Fail. But it's the only photo I have with all four dogs.
This is Big Ben. He is...HUGE.
This is my SIL Mindy and the super-popular Buck.
Sydnie, once again taking a seat in Kelley's lap.
At the end of the party, everyone got pretty exhausted...and Buck started gnawing on this branch.
The horses blocked Mindy and Kelley from leaving...
...and Oscar collapsed on the ground. Please note his dirty, mud-encrusted paws. I had to take him into the barn to get his paws washed off, and when we got home, he got his annual bath. He has been comatose for the rest of the evening!
Well, there you from my Sunday at a dog's first birthday party! I hope all of you had a great weekend...and that you are enjoying your Sunday night TV!


Brittany Ann said...

My dog Marvin sits on our laps just like Sydney does. It's so funny!

Crazy Shenanigans said...

Great pictures!!! That puppy is sooooo cute!

The Northerner said...

Buck looks like a mini Kona! I love the idea of a dog birthday party. Glad you guys had fun!

bianca said...

So Cute!!!

Taryn said...

OMG- I am so jealous. I want to live in the woods- take me back to the states where trees grow by themselves!!!

Jenn said...

awww what a cute puppy. my brother just got a puppy yesterday and i can't wait to see it! :)

Lucky in Love said...

This is the cutest thing ever! I love that they had a party for their dog. And that little one is the cutest!! Hilarious that the huge one sat on his lap! So fun!

Just Anonymous Prep said...

These pictures are so cute and it looks like you had a great time.

Anonymous said...

Aww puppy party!! Too cute! Sydney is insane, that had me laughing! I canNOT imagine having such a big puppy on my lap like that!

Ms. Attitude said...

Those dogs are sooo cute! I just want to squeeze Buck and give them all kisses.

Lucy Marie said...

Love it! Looks like so much fun. Nika is sad she missed the party. Umm, why is that pig pink and black? I've never seen a pig like that before.