Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Shaina's Christmas List: Things You Can Wear Edition

Well, I realized that I haven't posted in several days and wanted to post something fun! So, I have decided to do a new series of posts: Shaina's Christmas List. My MIL asked me the other day what I want for Christmas...I of course replied that I love anything I can wear. Shirts, sweaters, jewelry, shoes, accessories...if I can wear it, I want it. Here is, um, just the start of my Christmas list. And, okay, parts of it may be more of a...fantasy list. But that's okay, right?

I am loving these Steve Madden grey slouchy boots...I haven't had a new pair of non-winter boots since Oscar chewed up a pair of nice black leather ones a couple of years ago. Thankfully, he doesn't chew up shoes anymore, so I think these would be safe from his pearly whites.
I saw this super duper long sweatshirt today at Old Navy. At first I thought it was kind of weird, but then...I realized how awesome and comfy it would be in the winter. Maybe with some leggings. And my big boots. Oh god. Did I just say leggings???

Lisa just bought this sweater, and raved about it. I love this pretty deep indigo color.

I tried this on today and LOVED IT. Old Navy has some of the cutest cheap stuff around, I swear.

I also still want all three sweaters I posted about here.

I really want a statement necklace, and I'm loving this one I found on Etsy.

Or this one from Anthropologie.

I have really been loving the skinny belt trend! This hot pink one is so much fun, and would bring a great little pop of color to a black outfit...don't you think?

I have seen this patent tortoise skinny belt all over the J. Crew catalogues as of late, and I have totally fallen in love. I even saw it at the outlet on Saturday, but sadly...didn't buy it. I still really, really want this belt.

I love animal print...but the hubster does not. However...these cute flats would be great for fall and winter! Plus, they would go great with the belt. :)

This fun yellow coat has been all over the blogs and the interwebs, and I have to add myself to the list of people who would love to call it their own! The bright yellow is fantastic.

I LOVE the beautiful blue color of this winter coat! No, I don't need ONE new coat, let alone two, but ... holy crap, is this gorgeous, or what??!

This is a great fall/winter blazer in SUCH a pretty color. J. Crew calls it "iris." I call it...pretty dark purpley-aubergine-y. Okay, maybe Iris isn't so bad.

I have been dying for a turtleneck sweater dress for the past 2 winters...and I still don't own one. This looks so simple, pretty and comfy! I prefer it in black but posted in grey so that you could see the details.

I don't care for most of the flower t-shirts around these days, but...I love this simple v-neck from J. Crew. Great for weekends and casual Fridays.

Pretty pretty pretty! I love this ruffle-y J. Crew cami in deep rose. This would look beautiful under a cardigan with a skinny belt.

Pretty! Grey! Ruffles! I realize that ruffles will probably go out of style soon, but I can't help it...I love the fun, frilly, feminine details of this gorgeous J. Crew shirt.

Love, love, LOVE this simple cashmere cardigan from J. Crew in sweet guava. And, in conclusion, I will also accept pretty much ANYTHING from J. Crew. Please and thank you.
I've been wanting a pair of skinny jeans...even though I'm not at my thinnest, every time I try them on, I feel like a million bucks. Just haven't bought any yet - still looking for the right pair. I have heard great things about these Born to Fit jeans from The Gap.
Wow...what a fun list of pretty things! I hope you have enjoyed! :)


Christa Owens said...

I love the boots, the Long Coats and the Pink Belt is to die for.

The Northerner said...

I want 80% of these things too. Can you tell you MIL to buy double?

Brittany Ann said...

If you get all this, can I please, pretty please, share your closet??

Except for the skinny jeans, you know. Those are all yours:)

Kayla said...

Thats too funny, my mom just asked me for a Christmas list today! I might have to use your post idea to make a list of my own.

On another note, I have the blue sweater you posted about from Old Navy (In Red) and I LOVE IT! I also have the Green sweater from Old Navy (in brown) and love it as well! So those are sure bets in my opinion! :-) I wish I was brave enough to wear other fashionable things, but I'm stuck in a rut with my same old style! lol

Very cute list!! I love it!

Lucy Marie said...

I love those boots. I love those sweaters. I love all the things on your list. But you missed TWO very important items:

A deer skin loincloth and a real moose droppings necklace.

Don't worry, there's still time to put your order in.

Rachel said...

I seriously love EVERYTHING you just posted a picture of!! Those necklaces and coats ahhhh, love it.

Susannah said...

You crack me up with the this one, this one, this one, etc! Ha! Love all of the items you've featured here!

bianca said...

I'm in love with the boots and the statement necklaces. I love Anthropologie...just wish I could afford it lol. But every once in a while I splurge there and it's so worth it

Jenn said...

loved everything - especially the necklaces. go to ny & co. I usually don't shop there but they have some great jewelry and skinny belts for really cheap. I also picked up some long tanks to wear with leggings. trendy stuff for cheap!

And I'm sure you're not surprised - but the slouchy boots? I own them in black. I bought them back in September and adore them. They are the most comfortable shoes I've ever worn. The only thing is they are a little tighter around the calves than they look (and the only good body part God decided to bestow on me was tiny calves) so besides leggings and tights - I can't really wear them with much. Jeans are too bulky!

Lucky in Love said...

You picked some great things!! I need to start my list :) I never get clothes though...but maybe a shopping trip for myself is in order :)

Anonymous said...

I love, love, love your list! I always feel guilty asking for expensive things, I wonder if now that we're married the hubs will buy me JCrew? Because I have been EYEBALLING and WEB STALKING the ruffled shirts they have!

& I love the long sweater hoodie...I think that'd be SO comfy!

Cristina said...

those boot are so pretty...I love them! Oh, and Old Navy is one of my favorite stores!

kilax said...

Leggings? NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! Just kidding :P

I didn't realize ribbon necklaces were in style! They're so neat! It would be hard (for me) to find something to wear them with.

I hope you get some things off of your list!

Naturally Caffeinated Family said...

oooh i love your list, the sweaters so cute, i can't wait to get a cute pair of boots, the coats, love them, and love the ruffle cami too!! great picks girl!