Thursday, April 29, 2010


Okay, so I didn't get around to blogging last night. Mostly because my friend Kyle and I went out for the most amazing dinner. And then I came home and just ... didn't feel like it. I have been a little down since I got home from seeing Matt - happy and down, all at the same time. Does that make sense?

SO. Florida!!! I didn't take many photos, so here's what I've got. We stayed in a hotel in Mississippi after I picked him up, and then Thursday morning we grabbed some breakfast and drove to Destin. It took about 3.5 hours - a really easy drive through some really crappy parts of Mississippi and Alabama. We grabbed lunch at a place on the beach, which was fantastic! Then for dinner, we went for amazing sushi at Osaka. We got the "Sushi Love Boat for 2" which was a lot of fun - we didn't have to order anything, the chefs just make what they want and throw it on a boat! Yummy! LOOK at all of that beautiful sushi:
Holy crap. It was absolutely amazing. The sushi was SO fresh and delicious - really, really incredible. And yeah. It didn't take us very long to finish it off. YUM.
On Friday, we went to the beach in the morning - it was SO beautiful. The water was just gorgeous and crystal clear. And I didn't bring my camera, so I have no photos of that perfect water. On Saturday, it was kinda stormy and the rest of the time, the water was really murky. Bummer! We decided to take a small 1/2-day trip to Seaside, Florida. Seaside is ... really really creepy. It's this little town someone created with a bunch of houses that basically look the same, clustered around this weird town square with little shops and restaurants. I wanted to check it out because it seemed cute, in theory ... but once we were there, it was a little weird. We had some great grilled shrimp burritos, grabbed coffee, and then went off the beaten path to wander around the "neighborhood." It was totally empty ... like, NO ONE was around. Just us. We started joking that it was a great backdrop for a horror movie. Last night, I was talking to my friend Catherine about it, and she told me that Seaside is where The Truman Show was filmed! which makes OH so much sense. Anyway, we checked out the beach on this very stormy, cloudy, windy day:

Matt was SO happy to get some good coffee after months of Army crap!
It was real, real windy. I like this photo but it really looks like I have a combover. Which is awkward.
On Sunday, it was nice and sunny and beautiful again - after brunch at Another Broken Egg Cafe (bananas foster french toast!), we headed back down to the beach.
Also another unfortunate windy photo of the two of us.
Sunday night: dinner at the Old Bay Steamer. MMMMMMMMM. We had a big platter with shrimp, crab legs, and lobster tails. OH MY GOSH IT WAS AMAZING!!! Seriously, the seafood down there was so incredible.
I caught this pretty funny photo of Matt - I had given up several crab legs ago, but he soldiered on and finished everything by himself!
Ew, this is so gross. It's our ... waste pail. EW.
On Monday, before saying goodbye to Destin and heading back to Mississippi, we went BACK to the beach. So beautiful - look at that white sand! I couldn't pull myself away.
So, we drove to a different part of the beach and I got some blood orange and lemon sorbet. Absolutely perfect and refreshing.
And, finally, saying goodbye to the beach. Sad face.
We drove back to Mississippi, went out to dinner, and hung out at the hotel until around 10:30pm, when we left and I drove him back to Shelby. Saying goodbye was tough - I definitely had a little breakdown. But it was a lot easier than saying goodbye the first time - especially knowing that we should be able to see each other in another 3-4 months when Matt (hopefully) gets R & R. We had to drive all around Shelby because they moved into a new building while Matt was on pass (of course), so we had to find the new building. And then move all of Matt's stuff from the old building to the new building. You know, classic Army. I got about 3.5 hours of sleep, woke up at 4am Tuesday to catch a flight out of one of the weirdest, smallest airport I have ever been to (that is going to be a separate blog post!) and eventually I made it back to Indianapolis. The Indianapolis airport is relatively new (I think it's only been open about a year?) and this was the first time I have flown out of it. I think it is the nicest airport I have ever been to! Plus, there was a Sephora vending machine!
Have y'all ever seen this anywhere else? This is the first time I have seen something this amazing. The airport also had a Vera Bradley store, and a bunch of other really neat stuff.

Anyway! So, that was my trip. It feels good to be home, but I'm back to sleepless nights. I got so used to falling asleep with Matt again, that I'm all thrown off. I haven't had a good night of sleep since Sunday ... and I'm really hoping that I'm back to normal by this weekend. I could really use it!


Kyle said...

great pictures! I'm so glad you two lovebirds had fun!!

GUAMtastic said...

Big hug back at you!!! Hang in there!!

Becky said...

Thanks for sharing the pics! I'm sure it's an adjustment - hang in there babe!

Oh, and a Sephora vending machine? Sign me up!

Lucky in Love said...

Okay. Your trip looks and sounds amazing!!! The beach would be just perfect right now...and with your hubs...well...nothing could be better :)

And isn't the airport in Indy nice!!? The old one was way smaller and this was seems so fancy! I flew into Indy from Denver last Thanksgiving and was VERY impressed!

Anyways...enough of my rambling :) Hoping so, so much that you adjust back to being "just you" and that Matt gets R & R super soon and you can be together again :) Loves!

Lucy Marie said...

Even though I'd already heard most of this, I loved reading the recap. :) I'm so glad you guys got to do this and have fun together! So glad.

Kayla said...

I'm glad the two of you got to have such a great time together! You look like newlyweds! :-)

jenn said...

yay - finally the pictures!!! the indy airport is fantastic! the other two awesome ones are detroit and minneapolis. super duper nice, tons of shopping, and lots to eat! :)

glad you had fun with matt!

anonymous prep said...

Looks like you had a great time and ate some fantastic meals! It completely makes sense to be happy and down. Also I've never seen a Sephora vending machine - I think I need a connecting flight in your airport to check this out!

Brittany Ann said...

1. I'm sorry about the breakdown. I had one today, too:( Being without them sucks. No way around that:(

2. A SEPHORA VENDING MACHINE? And a Vera store? I'd totally have shopped till I dropped due to the depression of leaving my hubby. You have so much self control!

Crazy Shenanigans said...

Yay, I'm glad you had a wonderful time! They have one of those machines in Atlanta now.

Dugout Daisy said...

Great pictures!!! But now you have me craving sushi and crablegs!!!
Glad you had such a good time!

Perfectly Imperfect said...

this post just made me so hungry...

keep hanging in there girl =)