Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Grrrr. Howl.

TERRIBLE night of sleep last night. I blame ... my broken bed, and my dog.

Last night was the third night I've had to sleep in the guest room because my bed is a piece of crap from Ikea, and it's broken. And I can't fix it. I believe I briefly discussed this in my last post. Basically, Ikea beds (or at least, the one we have) do not use box springs - instead, the frame has these wooden slats, like so:

And, in fact, this is the exact bed that we have (but wow, that's a small bedroom, eh?). But anywhoo. Those damn wooden slats!!! There are two, um, slat thingies (sets?) - one for the left side and one for the right side. Oh, and they don't actually secure or attach to anything because THEN you wouldn't be able to easily take the bed apart and put it together somewhere else, apparently. However, the slats themselves are all stapled (yes, stapled) together to a flimsy piece of fabric so that, when one falls, half the rest come with.

SO. The slats constantly move around and are generally crappy in every way. And when they move around, they come dislodged from their happy place and fall into the floor. Because there is basically only one millimeter of overlap.

The slats on the left side of the bed (Matt's side) are notoriously easy to dislodge. Like, if you sit on the bed, the mattress will plummet into the ground. Not fun. I noticed a dip (seriously, there is a visible dip) in the mattress a few days ago and decided to attempt and fix it. Basically, half of the slats on that side of the bed had fallen into the floor. I spent what seemed like hours fixing it, thus somehow causing a bunch of slats from the RIGHT side of the bed to fall into the floor. So, I put the mattress down, went over to the right side of the bed, and spent another 4 hours fixing that side. Thus causing the slats from the LEFT side of the bed to fall. And repeat. Repeat. Repeat until I was thisclose to bursting into tears in a feeble Iwantmyhusbandtocomehomerightnowsothathecanfixthisgoddamnbed type of way.

But instead of having a breakdown, I angrily made up the guest bed and slept there for the night. The next morning, I woke up to discover I had somehow pulled something pretty painful in my back/neck region - likely from constantly propping up the mattress with my right arm. Boo. So the next day, I didn't try to fix the bed because my back/neck hurt.

And then yesterday, I just didn't want to deal with it, so I went right back to the guest room. But here's the thing - for some reason, Oscar doesn't like to sleep in the guest room with me. So, I've been a little lonely. And yes, I know that's absurd, he's just a dog, and I'm asleep. But somehow, it matters. Last night, he spent a few minutes curled up on the bed with me before hearing something suspicious outside. He sprinted into the living room and started howling. "NO!!!" I shouted, to no avail.

He never returned from the living room and I fell into a very fitful sleep. The guest room and bed are insanely comfortable, but for some reason I just have not slept well there. Something about it just not being MY bed. So, when he woke me up by howling, it seemed like several uncomfortable hours of sleep had gone by. Surely, it was morning, right? I ran into the living room and said "Oscar, NO NO NO!!!! SHHHHHH!!!!" He responded with a growl of unhappiness. I returned to the guest room and looked at my phone ... it was only 1am. Argh.

Back to sleep, kind of. Tossed and turned and had crazy dreams. Then, the howling. AGAIN. Please note that Oscar hardly ever barks/howls/whatever, and especially never at night, so this was really weird. I yell NO NO NO again ... look at my phone. Only 3am. The last time it happened was at 5am and at that point, I just got up.

The plan for this evening is DEFINITELY attempting, yet again, to fix the stupid bed. I don't want to sleep in the guest room anymore ... apparently both Oscar and I sleep much better in my bedroom!


Becky said...

Ugh, sorry you have to deal with this babe - good luck! And here's hoping you get a good night's sleep in your own bed tonight!

Lucky in Love said...

So sorry!!

Matt and I actually have a bed similar to this...where the mattress sits on slats. They occsionally come dislodged as well...not by just sitting on it...but you know. :) One time we actually broke one and the mattress fell to the floor. That was a surprise :) Ha!

But we were able to take the broken piece to Lowes and they made us a new one. Ha!

I hope you figure everything out! You should enlist your neighbor friend to help you so you can work on both sides at the same time.

anonymous prep said...

Ugh that sounds horrible! Hope you can get it fixed so you and Oscar can get a proper night's sleep.

Jackie said...

ugh that sounds awful! so sorry.

I vote for a new bed :)

Emily said...

Hi, I've never commented before, and you don't know me (weird? lol), but I have been reading your blog for a few weeks now. I had to comment b/c this sounded SO frustrating! My boyfriend is in the Air Force, and I have dealt with deployment, so I am relating to what you're going through (although his deployment wasn't a surprise like yours!). Anyway, just wanted to say hi, and let you know I know how you feel - how sometimes you just want him back to FIX it, or mow the lawn, or whatever :) Hang in there!! And I'm loving your blog!

Gwen said...

Ellie's bed from Ikea does the same thing. We always thought it was because she jumps on the bed but maybe there is more to it. We have the same bed Ellie has only bigger and don't have problems but I will definitely be upgrading soon.

Could you put in a piece of wood instead and then add a box spring to it? Maybe that would help but then again I'm definitely not an expert. LOL!!!

jenn said...

Oh, no! Ikea stuff looks cool but sucks. I'm just waiting for my desk to break. :)

And maybe Oscar was upset because he knows a storm is coming? We had crazy thunder/lightning yesterday and you usually get our weather a little bit after we do!

Mel said...

I didn't even bother with those slats. I have a similar bed. I bought a matress and a box spring and just set it on the floor. With the height it looks like its perfect.

d.a.r. said...

Time for a new bed, me thinks.

I'm so sorry :(