Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Wounded Warrior Project Fundraiser

Hey y'all! I interrupt your regularly scheduled programming to tell you about something really cool that's happening over at Fantabulously Frugal.

Fantabulously Frugal is a site about one of the happiest things on the planet – bargain shopping. However, sometimes it’s important to take a step back and think about those who can use our help. This year Fantabulously Frugal is giving back to the Wounded Warrior Project … in a fantabulously frugal fashion, of course!

Why Wounded Warrior? I know many of you are military wives, or come from military families. The military touches all of us, so why not give back to those who have given everything to serve and protect our country? WWP is a nonprofit and nonpartisan organization that seeks to help injured service men and women. We are so happy and honored that they have agreed to partner with us over the next couple of months.

Beginning November 26, 2010 – aka Black Friday – Fantabulously Frugal will be hosting an auction on eBay and 100% of the proceeds will be donated to the Wounded Warrior Project. Our hope is that this is a great opportunity for many of you to get some holiday shopping done while seeing 100% of your purchase price go toward a great organization.

Here’s where we need your help: We are looking for items to auction off. Small items. Large items. Any items. Do you work for a company that would like to get involved in donating an item, or multiple items? Please contact us! Are you an Etsy artist that’s interested in donating an item? Please contact us! Let’s all work together to support a great organization. Aside from helping out a great charity, anyone that donates an item will get free advertising on FF from Nov. 15 – Dec. 31 + a post just about them and the item they’re donating!

The tentative fund raising goal we’ve set is $2,000, but I know that we can blow that out of the water! While the auction won’t go live until Black Friday {for those of you that don’t want to brave the stores, we hope you’ll come out and brave eBay}, please feel free to make a donation to Wounded Warrior at any time. Click here to go to the Fantabulously Frugal Team Page. Feel free to join the team and make a donation of any amount… every little bit helps!

Please mark your calendars for the auction on November 26 – I know we are going to have a lot of great items!

And please, if you have a new item you would like to donate or you just want to learn more about the auction, send me an email or leave me a comment with your contact information.

Obviously, you know that this charity hits close to home with me - the Wounded Warrior Project is such a good cause. I know a lot of you have Etsy stores - this is a great chance for some free publicity and amazing advertising while donating to a great cause. PLEASE consider donating something, anything, for this auction!

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