Saturday, May 8, 2010

CSA Week 2

Yesterday, I picked up (or rather, my friend Kyle picked up and brought to me) my 2nd CSA share. So exciting!!! My share from last Friday lasted through the entire week, and I ate something from my box every single day. It was fabulous! I started looking forward to my new box on Wednesday - wondering what would be in there, if it would be as tasty and fresh as last week, what I would make with it ... yadda yadda yadda.

So! Without further ado, here is a pretty green photo of this week's CSA share!
Some more beautiful, tasty spinach - this was SO AMAZING last week and I can't wait to make lots more this week!
Arugula. DELICIOUS! Arugula is one of my absolute favorites - it's so great in a sandwich. This arugula in particular is really really peppery - I had a little piece last night while I was cleaning it up, and it really packs a punch!
More salad greens. Yum!
Radishes. I have never been a huge fan, but I found a great recipe for some roasted radishes that I think I will try.
A few stalks of swiss chard - these were in Kyle's box, but she graciously shared with me. Yum!
I also got a great wedge of cheese called Flora from The Swiss Connection, a dairy farm in Clay City, Indiana. And no, I have no idea where Clay City is. But I checked out their website, and here is a little blurb about why their cheese is different:

In the early 90's we began converting our farm to a more natural, pasture-based system. We carefully monitored the cows' grazing habits to produce the highest quality pasture, and the animals' calving cycles were moved to the springtime, maximizing the use of lush spring grasses.

Unlike most dairy farms, we use only pasture to feed our cows. We use absolutely no grain supplementation. All milk cows are moved to fresh grass two times a day. The lush spring forage growth coincides with the cows' high nutritional requirements at calving, and the "dry period" is during the winter when forage quality is lower. The cattle graze all year, even in the winter when hay supplements their diet.

I got a cheese they call "Flora." From the Swiss Connection website, again: We have renamed our Gouda cheese to reflect the living nature of soils unique to our farm. The many different microorganisms, fungi, earthworms, etc. that populate the soil are termed "flora." The name Flora is a reflection of where this wonderful cheese flavor comes from.

So, basically it's fancy gouda or something. I had a little bite last night, and it is SO SO GOOD.

Anyway, after spending half the night washing and drying my new produce, I realized that I really, REALLY need a salad spinner. Because this is what my kitchen looked like:

And it's really hard to dry lettuce with towels. End of story.

This week, I promise to do a better job taking photos and recording what I make with everything!


Lucy Marie said...

I am so happy that you are going to give us the chance to peek into your box every week. So fun ;)

Also, I am glad to see you recovered the missing cheese.

And yes, a salad spinner is definitely in order. They save so much time drying greens and you can also use it for grapes.

garden state prep said...

I would love to hear about the radish recipe - I can never figure out what to do with them. Also a salad spinner is amazing, I use mine far too much.