Saturday, May 29, 2010


I know I said I would post the giveaway winner on Thursday, but ... Thursday was busy. After work, I got ready for my weekend, went for a run, went for a walk, and then met my friend Becky for dinner, drinks and Sex and the City!!!! Has anyone else seen the new movie yet? I want to talk about it. But I'll wait until next week - maybe more of you will have seen it by then. :)

So then yesterday, I got up and drove to Michigan - I'm at my parents' house for the long weekend. Plus, tomorrow is my mom's birthday! Today, I am taking her out for lunch and
pedis, and then I think we are going to do some shopping. ANYWAY. So, long story short, I've been busy.

That being said ... I am sooooo very happy and excited to announce that the winner of the $40 CSN Stores giveaway is ...


Yay! M - I will give CSN your email address and they will send you the code directly. Congrats!!!