Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Deployment in Review: Month 4

Wow - four months already. 17.5 weeks since Matt left home. Lots of stuff happened this month - I think. (?) April 18th-May 17th:

-Most importantly, I got to see Matt! I flew down to Mississippi and picked him up, and then we spent a blissful, amazing weekend in Florida.

-Matt left for Kuwait a few days later, and has been there ever since. He will be staying there for the time being.

-The day I returned from Florida, I successfully got 44 high school students to an employment fair. Yes!

-I got my first CSA share - and have been enjoying wonderful fresh veggies ever since!

-I ran the Coach Hep 5k - with a pretty slow time, but I wasn't ready for it AND I still beat my time from last year. I think I finished in 37:44 with several, SEVERAL walk breaks. It still felt good to get out and run!

-I started volunteering at the animal shelter with my Little. Once a week, we walk and play with the dogs. It has been pretty fun so far - except for Monday, when I had to go alone, and it rained the whole time. Wet dogs + excitement + mud = muddy, dirty Shaina. Oh well - that's what laundry is for!

-I have been able to Skype with Matt once a week since he left. This has really been fabulous - it's so nice to be able to see his face once a week! Thank goodness for Skype, and the internet. Sometimes we are able to gchat before he goes to bed - but the time change definitely sucks. In other news, Matt's unit is supposedly going to be home by Thanksgiving!!! This is very exciting. The bad news is that he's pretty doubtful that he'll get R and R. But that's okay - I would much rather have him home before the holidays. November is only six months away!

-I started my 19 week training for the Chicago Half Marathon (more on this to come) and so far, it's going great!

Hmmm ... I didn't really think that this month was that busy, but I guess some more stuff went on than I remembered!


Brittany Ann said...

Girl, you are doing so great. I'm so proud of you! Your positive-ness is impressive and inspiring to me!

Lucy Marie said...

Four months already? Crazy days.


te he he ... remember that?

garden state prep said...

You've had an incredibly busy month! I keep saying that I want to volunteer at an animal shelter and I think it's time for me to stop saying that and start doing.

d.a.r. said...

Congrats on four months down!!

And I am amazed at your strength to volunteer at the animal shelter. I would want to take each and every single one of those furbabies home. Except the cats...I could probably live without those... :)