Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Is dairy the enemy?

Lately, I've had a lot of difficulties with dairy. Stomach issues that I won't get into because you know ... I'm a lady and all. It's really been bumming me out. I started taking lactaid pills with dairy but it does not completely take care of the issues. Plus, half the time, I forget.

Here's the thing. Like most people, I love things like ... cheese and yogurt. Ice cream. Dairy stuff.

But you know what? No matter how much I love dairy stuff, I love feeling good even better. So I am going to go completely dairy-free for the next few weeks and see what happens. Do any of you avoid dairy? What are your tricks? I am going to pick up some stuff like hummus to use on sandwiches instead of cheese, and some almond milk. I want to stay away from soy as well - I had a soy latte this morning and I got just as sick as I get with dairy. PLUS I got a migraine. So - no dairy, no soy. I need help!

If you're dairy free, I'd LOVE some tips. What do you like to eat instead of dairy stuff?

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Kirsten said...

Good for you! I gave up dairy in February and I feel great. I missed cheese at first, but now I don't even think about it. I make a lot of sandwiches with avocado spread, hummous and other bean spreads, cheese-less pesto, etc. It's really not as hard as it seem :) I got a few vegan cookbooks from the library for ideas, too. Good luck!

AEOT said...

Welcome to my world, Miss Shaina!!! There is a vegan Smart Balance spread that tastes like butter- I use it on everything (toast, potatoes, veggies, etc) and I can't tell the difference. Almond milk is okay on cereals however it doesn't work in pudding (it doesn't set up) and it DOES NOT taste like milk at all. Kind of icky in a glass by itself to be honest. I eat hummus with veggies at least two days a week for lunch. Avocado spread is good on turkey sandwiches. I haven't tried any soy cheeses yet- I just can't bring myself to try it. Be careful because a lot of processed foods have whey and casein in them which are milk by products. HOpefully those won't bother you, but if you are still having issues, watch for those. If you like coconut, you can try that for an ice cream treat. It's just okay for me b/c coconut isn't my fave, but the texture is just perfect. I've also had the chocolate sorbet from Haagen Daas, and it's wonderful. I've been able to keep goat cheese and feta in my diet without hurting SYT's tummy, so you may be able to still eat those without hurting yours!

Oh, cocoa butter is not really a dairy product, so you can still eat things that have it in them!

katie said...

I'm right there with you! For cheese, I go to Whole Foods and get buffalo mozzarella and sheep cheese (Manchego, etc). They are all very good and a nice little splurge! For yogurt, I eat coconut milk yogurt... deeelicious (as well as coconut milk ice cream)! I like it better than regular yogurt! And I substitute almond milk in everything. Baking, casseroles, mashed potatoes... basically if it calls for milk, I use almond milk! Its not so bad adjusting and I'm sure you will feel a lot better (and lose weight!)!

And another little secret - a bit of an oxymoron, but sweet cream butter is dairy free! So have at it! And so is mayo - its just eggs and oil. A lot of peole for some reason think it has dairy.

Brittany Ann said...

I use dairy only in moderation. Cheese sprinkled on salad. Things boasting a lot of cheese - ice cream, pizza - I eat occasionally.

I don't ever drink milk. Ever. I also no longer drink soy milk. I choose almond milk instead.

Question...are you feeling congestion with your tummy troubles? Then, most likely, you're reacting to dairy.

If it's just tummy troubles, it's more likely that it's a soy allergy. (Which, even though you don't think you're eating, you're probably taking in a lot more of. Soy is in EVERYTHING these days, unless you're eating raw veggies and fruits. It's really hard to avoid.)

Lucy Marie said...

Your face is the enemy.

Kyle said...

Oh my gosh, I learned a lot about dairy free things this weekend/week with my SIL. Ok, #1 ... run, don't walk, to some whole food type place and buy coconut bliss (that's the brand, not the flavor) "ice cream" ... it's made with coconut milk, which is like amazing for you. Also, avacados or hummus will be your sandwhich's new best friend.

Anonymous said...

I second Britt's differential diagnosis. If it's just tummy stuff, it's likely a soy allergy. If it's congestion on top of tummy ick, then it's likely dairy allergy. You should get an allergy test, they're a one hour appointment and a lifesaver! Also get checked for legumes and all those good things!

I have noticed that cutting down my dairy has helped my tummy problems. I've gotten rid of mostly all processed foods and it's made a big difference. If you're hardcore about eliminating soy and dairy, it'll be a hard change. But thankfully it's 2010 and we have SO many options and restaurants are becoming SO good about working with people with food allergies. There's cards you can purchase online that inform servers of your allergy and they can take the card and show it to the chef before he makes your food. I have friends with it and it's been helpful - there are dairy cards too! I want the soy card!

I know I've said this before, but if you ever need suggestions, I can give some via email!