Thursday, August 12, 2010

Up north = heaven!

I am, sadly, home from my vacation in northern Michigan. Oscar and I had a blast at the lake house and with my parents. It was so great to just relax and not do stuff! Plus ... the lake was just AMAZING. Warning: basically all of my photos are of my dog, or the lake, or my dog in the lake. Sorry. :)
I seriously cannot believe this was northern Michigan - I've never seen a lake look so beautiful and blue!

Looking back up the many, many steps to the house!

On Monday, I went to Charlevoix to meet up with my college friend, Margaret, and her absolutely adorable little boy, Sam. I am MORE than a little bit in love with him.

Beautiful!!! But now I'm back home, and back to work tomorrow. Wah wah!


AEOT said...

Gorgeous pics! I wish I was also there this past week- Charlevoix is so close to my mom's house. The house you rented looked awesome!

We seriously need to get Oscar and Junie together for a play date!

Lucky in Love said...

Amazing. So beautiful!! Glad you had a great time :)

And you have to go back to work on a Friday?? Lamesauce.

Lucy Marie said...

Ah gorgeous. That is the life :) Did Oscar think Northern MI was as amazing as Canadia?

Brittany Ann said...

I had a friend get married on a very similar dock on a lake in Northern Michigan! I've only been twice, and you're right! It's gorgeous!

Becky said...

GREAT pictures! Oscar looks like he really enjoyed himself! (And your friend's son is ADORABLE!)