Saturday, September 4, 2010

Eight Questions!

Wow ... I hope it is as perfect of a Saturday wherever you are as it is in Bloomington. That sounded awkwardly wordy, but I think you know what I mean. It is in the mid-high 50s right now, and I am gearing up to head out to the farmer's market and then an art fair. Fun!

b.e.g. tagged me to answer the fun little 8 questions things that's been going around the interwebs. But before I tackle that, I want to wish my dear, sweet friend Lucy Marie an amazing birthday!!!!!! Now go on over there and wish her a happy birthday, too. :)

Okay, here goes nothing ...

1. What is your go-to source for gossip - celebrity or otherwise?
I get all of my important gossip from Crazy Days and Nights. It's a great gossip blog!

2. What actress would you like to play you in a movie?
Well, a lot of people over the years have told me that I look like Julianne Moore - I'll take that as a compliment. So, I choose her!

3. What size shoes do you wear?
9, and 9.5 in athletic shoes. Wah.

4. Would you rather be rich and miserable or poor or happy?
CLEARLY I would rather be poor and happy. If I had wanted to be rich and miserable, I wouldn't have gone into SOCIAL WORK for gawd's sake. :)

5. What is your favorite meal in all the world?
Oh goodness ... this is a really tough one. For normal, every day stuff to eat, I love pizza. For my favorite restaurant meal, I would have to say all the sushi at Yamazato in Alexandria, VA. For my favorite meal experience EVER, the tasting room at Restaurant Eve in Alexandria, VA.

6. What was the lowest grade you received in school and why?
In college, I failed my statistics class. Because it was hard, I never understood it, and both my professor and TA had incredibly heavy accents that only complicated things. However, I basically took the same class in grad school and got an A. Go figure. :)

7. What did you do on your 21st birthday?
Can you believe that I don't really remember? And not because I was so drunk that I CAN'T remember. I just ... don't know. But I believe my parents came and we went to dinner. And a couple of months later, my dad and I went to London for a long weekend - that was my birthday present from them. And it was fabulous!

8. What item is on the top of your "I want!" list right now?
Well, that's an easy one. I want my husband home ... asap.

I realize that I'm supposed to make up 8 more questions and tag 8 more people, but I'm not going to. Because I'm lazy, I don't feel like it, and I want to leave to go to the farmer's market now. SO - have a great weekend, friends!


Anonymous said...

dang, more sites to add to my goss repertoire - currently I read perez and trent over at but now i'm liking this, it's very succint and to the point. perfect for the busy woman who likes to be in the know of celeb goss!

enjoy your day - it's gorgeous over here as well!! XOXO

Kirsten said...

21st Birthday: Your parents came to Ann Arbor and you, me, Mike, and your Mom and Dad went to Grazie. It was delicious. Then we went back to the apartment and had a piece of your Dad's equally delicious chocolate cake (which I think I ate for breakfast, lunch, and dinner the next day). I don't remember if we went out for your birthday that weekend or not, though. I remember it being a tasty birthday :)

Lucy Marie said...

Thanks for the happy birthday girl! Love you.