Sunday, September 26, 2010

Sunday Funday

Aren't weekends the greatest? I had what seemed like a very rough, long week last week - you know, the kind where every day seems like a Monday? It sucked. I think it's just been allergy stuff that's been getting me down ... every morning I have woken up and my eyes have felt really swollen. Despite getting good sleep, I would wake up feeling exhausted - but it was all in my eyes. Know what I mean? Also, there MAY have been a couple of nights that involved late bedtimes because I couldn't put down The Hunger Games ...

But anyway. The point is, I was just DYING for the weekend. And I have to admit that it's been a good one. On Friday, after picking up my CSA share (it was a really crappy one this week - totally not photo-worthy), I finally did what I had been daydreaming about all day ... crawled in bed with The Hunger Games, read for awhile, and then took a nice long nap. I woke up, finished the book, and then ... went back to sleep. It was glorious!

On Saturday, I woke up and went to a pilates class - I had just gone to another one on Thursday, and wow, my abs are s-o-r-e. It's awesome. :) The rest of the day was spent watching football, and then Becky and Kyle came over for a little girls night. So fun!!!

And today? Well, today Oscar and I played in the country. We headed out to my SIL Meleah's, which is always so much fun. Meleah, my BIL David, nephew Cooper and I rode horses, while Oscar and their dog Macy ran around in the woods with us. Oscar got SO dirty, as he always does out there, and had fun chasing various animals (goats, roosters, geese) and swimming in the pig pond. The usual. I had to give him a bath when we got home (Kyle came over to assist ... talk about a true friend!!!) and now, for some reason, he is limping. Excellent. Yet another dog health problem? Let's hope not.

In other news (if you have made it this far in this boring post), I got bloodwork done at the doctor the other day, and my calcium and iron are low. Perhaps this is why I am always so damn tired? Unsure. Anyway - I knew calcium would be a problem since I have gone primarily dairy free. The nurse suggested a calcium supplement, so I went to GNC yesterday and got one they recommended.

So, besides calcium, I take a prenatal as a multivitamin, omega-3, vitamin b-12, and magnesium. The doctor also said that, despite my issues with dairy, yogurt should be okay to eat. So, I went out today and restocked up on yogurt - thank goodness! I love yogurt and it has been sad without it. SO. My question to you is - where can I get more calcium and iron from? I don't eat a lot of meat, and I don't eat a lot of dairy anymore. Please help! I have always been a bit anemic, and I'm also pretty tired a lot of the time. Matt always used to make fun of me when he was home, because every time I sit down on the couch to read a book, I fall asleep. Could this be from my lack of iron??! Anyway, just a few thoughts. Any helpful hints/tips you have would be much appreciated!

How was your weekend?


Ashley said...

Everyone is reading Hunger Games. I may need to jump on the train!

Lisa said...

Perhaps you are so tired because you wake up at 5 a.m. everyday.

Jackie said...

Have you picked up Catching Fire and Mockingjay yet? You will want to read them right after you finish The Hunger Games

Brittany Ann said...

I've heard spinach can help with calcium and iron, etc. I know that's hard to choke down a ton of, but I heard it helps, especially with iron.

Jenny @ Practically Perfect... said...

Hi there! I'm new to your blog and love reading it! I'm actually from Indiana originally. Bloomington is in such a pretty part of the state, especially this time of year :-)

I agree with Brittany - spinach is a great source of calcium and iron, but so is pretty much any dark green veggie: broccoli, some salads, etc. I have a really yummy recipe for spinach casserole that I absolutely love - perfect comfort food and doesn't taste healthy at all, ha ha!

I'm looking forward to reading more in your blog and about your adventures!