Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Water, water everywhere ...

... and it's all in my freaking ear.

I got water stuck in my ear this morning in the shower, and 16 hours later, IT'S STILL THERE. I haven't been able to hear out of my right ear ALL DAY and it has really, really messed me up. I have consulted the internet AND various swimmer friends, and guess what? None of those methods worked. I tried putting a few drops of rubbing alcohol in my ear to dry up the water ... to no avail. I tried laying on my side ... FOR TWO HOURS ... to no avail. I even called my doctor to make sure I wasn't permanently losing my hearing. Yes, I know, this probably sounds ridiculous. But this. sucks. hardcore.

I have felt a little off balance all day, complete with a nice throbbing headache. I am desperately hoping that when I wake up tomorrow morning (after a night of sleeping only on my right side, of course), I will be able to hear out of my ear.

Oh, and my doctor (or rather, her triage nurse) said that the water should work itself out in the next day or so, but if I start having pain, I need to go to the walk-in clinic. Also, if I still can't hear in two days, I have to go to the walk-in clinic. Argh.

Anyway, that's what I've been dealing with today.

Oh, and guess what? I have now crossed TWO things off of my deployment goal list:

1. Finish the Closet of Doom and Despair - CHECK! It is now the Closet of Peace, Love, Happiness and Organization.

2. Audition for the Bloomington Symphony Orchestra - CHECK! I auditioned last night and they called me a couple of hours later to tell me that I got into the first violin section. Yay! I am really excited. Not sure when I'll be able to start, as I have a bit of a scheduling issue for the next concert, but I am really looking forward to getting back into the swing of playing. :)

Okie doke, that's all I've got right now. How are you?!

UPDATE: I woke up this morning (Wednesday) and I CAN HEAR OUT OF BOTH EARS!!!!!!! Freaking finally. Thank goodness.

I hope this is the last time I will write a post solely about a part of my anatomy ... but then again, I can't promise anything.


Ashley said...

Hey, I have started to follow your blog! I just thought I would offer you another option to try to rid the water in your ear... it is going to sound crazy, but maybe you have tried it already too... but hop up and down on same leg on the same side of the ear that is bothering you. Tilt your head over your shoulder as you do it. The pounding from jumping up and down and tilting of your head, should pop the water bubble! You will look silly, but Hey, its worth a shot, especially if it works, or it might loosen it a bit! It usually works for me! Good Luck, hope you feel better soon!

d.a.r. said...


bevLY said...

shaina, congrats on getting into the symphony! i am SO impressed that you got into the first violin section and YOU DONT EVEN PLAY PROFESSIONALLY! hahahaa. but then again, i'm not surprised. :) you are amazing.

i think my fingers don't move the way i want them to anymore, sadly. :/ pretty sure i would get cut in 1 second if i auditioned for SLSO. :)

Lucy Marie said...

Sads. Water in the ear is lame.

Eric's Mommy said...

I have had what I thought was water in my ear since APRIL! Eventually my ear started to hurt so I went to the Dr. and he said he could see nothing in my ears and my hearing is fine. He ended up saying that it could be related to allergies and gave me a nasal spray, it did nothing. I had also tried the alcohol drops and even vinegar (yuck).

Jane said...

yay for getting things accomplished! Have I ever told you about how much ears creep me out ... ugh ... I absolutely dread every.single.ear I ever have to look in. 98% of the ears I see make me want to vomit. I have nightmares about ears. Good thing I'm not an ENT!

Jackie said...

I hate when there is something wrong with my ears. And my eyes. I just can't function when something happens to those two parts!

Becky said...

Glad that the water problem is fixed now and that's awesome about the symphony (and the closet!) :)