Sunday, August 10, 2008


When I think about my wedding planning, I feel like I'm doing pretty well.  Dress?  Check.  Ceremony and reception location?  Check.  Invitation designer?  Check.  Bridesmaids, and bridesmaid dresses?  Check.  Matt's suit and tie?  Check.  Incredible vendors?  Check.  Oh-so-fabulous designer shoes?  Check.  You'd think that everything is taken care of.  Right?  

Wrong.  Lately I've been thinking about all the little details that still need to be taken care of.  Like, ceremony programs.  What am I going to do about those?  I'd like to make them.  But how?  And what should they look like?  What format should they be in?  And the out-of-town guest welcome bags for the hotel rooms.  What should I put in there?  What will seem personal and thoughtful, albeit mass-produced?  And, most importantly, how much will they cost???

I've also been thinking a lot about my bridesmaid presents.  I keep having fabulous idea after fabulous idea about what to include, but...I realize that I have to narrow the list down, as each gift must be multiplied by four.  Well, really, I should multiply each item by five, because I want everything I plan on buying them!!!

Other little details:  how exactly am I going to wear my hair?  I have two styles that I love and are relatively similar, but I'm not 100% sure about either of them.  And, what should I put in my hair?  A little comb?  A cluster of combs?  A little sparkly hairpin stuck somewhere?  And what about a second pair of shoes for the reception, in case my feet start hurting?  Should I get a pair of silver ballet flats?  Or something with a little wedge heel??  Will I even need a second pair of shoes????

Yeesh.  Just writing about all of these unknowns has ensured that I'll have another wedding nightmare.  By the way, I've had two extremely vivid ones this week.  

One great thing about the wedding (one out of a gazillion, clearly) is that I have an excuse to buy some truly fabulous clothing and accessories.  After months of looking, and a few disappointments, I believe I have found my wedding earrings, courtesy of Swarovki Crystal:
Wow, they are just gorgeous.  I initially wanted a small drop earring, but after extensive online research, the earrings I saw in person just didn't cut it.  I didn't want anything too big and dangly, because I knew my ears would start hurting - plus I really don't want the earrings to overwhelm the dress.  Also, I am likely wearing my hair at least partially down, and since it will (hopefully!) be extra pretty, I wouldn't want the hair to fight with the earrings.  These look absolutely gorgeous in person - like diamonds! - and I think will add just the perfect amount of sparkle to my ears.  What do you think?

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