Sunday, August 10, 2008

Hello, Lover

Can I just share with you how obsessed I am - still - with my wedding shoes?  I purchased them several months ago for an undisclosed price (as in, I refuse to share the exorbitant price with the general public) and, well, they are amazing.  Hello, Lover.
Well, they are amazing, right?  What can I say, kate spade knows her stuff.  I can't help but notice my new love of all things kate spade.  We have registered for kate spade china, kate spade vases, I have these gorgeous kate spade shoes, and...well, I guess that's it.  If I had my way, I would have a kate spade clutch to match for the wedding day.  But also, if I had my way, someone else would pay for it.  

What I love about these shoes is that they have character.  And, I can wear them again and again - and I will!  I have already started planning outfits that incorporate these shoes, after the wedding.  I keep the shoes in the shoe box, and each shoe is individually wrapped in little plastic bags.  Yeah, I'm protective of them, but wouldn't you be?  I just can't wait to wear them on the wedding day!

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