Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Countdown to the Anniversary: the Day Before!

Next up: the day before the big day! I started the day off by getting manis with my bridesmaids, and then we had brunch with my mom and MIL. My bridesmaid Anna came over with her family ahead of time, and her parents gave us our wonderful wedding gift - they had our wedding invite framed in an absolutely gorgeous frame job.

No photos of manis (no free hands!) ... but here are my girls posing with the card I gave them at brunch.

Later, before the rehearsal...killing time in the library of the hotel. I loved that room and couldn't wait to get wedding photos taken in there...but then I totally forgot the next day. :)

Pretty bridesmaids!

Milling around before the rehearsal started...wish I knew what my dad was pointing at!

Talking over the ceremony with our officiant, John

Lisa enjoying the sweet, sweet smell of her ribbon bouquet

Thankfully, my dad didn't look quite this scary when he pushed back my veil the next day!

My parents...the first of many tears that occurred that weekend

Well, that was easy...rehearsal over!

Still not sure what's happening in this photo...but it is funny!

My girls and me, apparently in height order.
Hanging out with my nieces and nephews and SIL at the rehearsal dinner

Matt and the girls at the rehearsal dinner

Practicing our complicated dance moves, clearly...

After the rehearsal dinner, my bridesmaids and I met up with my college friends who were in town for the wedding.

I had one beer...and then promptly went home to lay awake for hours!!! :)
Next up...getting ready!

*all photos taken by Lisa*


Molly Lou Gifts said...

How fun! I love weddings!

Lucy Marie said...

I totally love the picture of your dad pretending to put your veil back. I wish he did that face at your wedding.

Jenn said...

love the line about laying awake for hours! i didn't sleep for like 2 weeks before the wedding and it definitely shows in some of my wedding pictures. i look like a zombie! :)

Taryn said...

So fun! I love you blue dress.

Brittany Ann said...

I can't wait to see what's next!

Lucky in Love said...

I love that Matt wore a sweatshirt to the rehearsal. Hilarious :)

Crazy Shenanigans said...

Aw super cute!