Sunday, November 8, 2009

Happy Anniversary: The Honeymoon!

Matt and I spent just over a week in paradise, aka Costa Rica, for our amazing honeymoon. We flew to San Jose, and our amazing hotel - Gaia Hotel and Reserve - had a van pick us up and take us to the hotel. It was a three hour drive, supposedly through the mountains and along the Pacific coast. We flew from Detroit and had a layover in Miami that was supposed to be about 3 hours. Well, 3 hours quickly turned into 6 hours, when customs refused to release our plane. Apparently, it had just come from the Dominican Republic, and...they found drugs everywhere. Haha! Kind of funny, but not really when you've been up since 3am.

So, we got to Costa Rica 3 hours late, and our lovely 3 hour drive along the coast occurred in the dark. Which was a total bummer. We were exhausted yet starving, and arrived at the hotel at around 9pm. We immediately ordered a giant room service feast and ate in bed. It was amazing. But it was so dark that we had no idea what anything looked like outside our room! We had a great night of sleep, and then woke up ... beautiful blue skies...
...and the rainforest outside our windows, with the Pacific ocean in the background. Amazing!
Daily breakfast was included in our reservation. They had the most amazing breakfasts EVER! This was my favorite, and I ordered it almost every day - it was so cleverly called the Costa Rican breakfast. Scrambled eggs, Costa Rican rice and beans, with caramelized plantains and sweet Costa Rican sour cream. AMAZING.
This was Matt's favorite...vanilla pancakes I think? I can't remember anymore.
We then relaxed with some coffee...and I'm pretty sure we both fell asleep again. :)
Wedding ring!
Matt enjoying his first of approximately 5038527 pots of Costa Rican coffee.
Later that day, we finally emerged from our room and took a little hike around the nature reserve owned by the hotel.

The walk didn't last very long, though, and we quickly went back to the pool deck to enjoy some happy hour tapas.
The food there was really, really incredible!
The next day, we went to the public beach. Matt had never seen the Pacific Ocean before!

Then we returned to play in Gaia's amazing infinity pools.

We did a lot of this during our honeymoon...sitting around and reading.
View from our balcony
We also went to the Manuel Antonio National Park...which was incredible! We saw lots of stuff, like....sloths...
...and this beautiful orchid. Did you know that orchids are in the vanilla family? Or wait, vanilla is an orchid...? Ahh, I can't remember. :)
One of the beaches in the lush!
We took a big hike around the park from one beach to the other.

We made it! The other beach...

The tail end of what was possibly the world's greatest shrimp burrito
Nice dinner at the hotel - we ate there for 98% of all meals. The food was incredible.
We also went zip lining through the rainforest...I was petrified at first, but we ended up having a great time!
The hotel bar...where we enjoyed many a mojito and mango daquiri
Hotel restaurant/lounge
Hanging out in the pool on our last day. Sniffle.
Our favorite pool bartender made us some special last-day mojitos. They were STRONG. We would go float in the pool every afternoon and drink a mojito. It was so much fun!
Well...this sure was fun for me, although uploading all these damn photos took 100 years. Haha! We don't really have any big anniversary plans today - we went out to dinner on Friday to celebrate. But I am making ribs in the slowcooker, so let's hope those work out okay!


BLC :o said...

What fun fun fun!!! Ale and I are attempting to decide this week where we are going on the honeymoon!!! You make Costa Rica look good. :) Xoxo-BLC

Brittany Ann said...

Honeymoons. Oh, I wish I could go back to mine.

Lucy Marie said...

I was going to say that your pictures are beautiful (even though I've defnitely already creeped them all on facebook) and that I hope you are having a wonderful anniversary today ...

BUT ...

since I read about 10 mintues ago that you ate a dog biscuit because Matt dared you to, I have lost all respect for you and will not say anything nice at all.

kilax said...

Happy Anniversary!!!

CR just looks BEAUTIFUL! WOW! What a relaxing and wonderful honeymoon. I think it's so cool that you tried zip lining. I would love to do that one day!

Jackie said...

happy anniversary! this looks like an amazing trip. glad you guys had a great time :)

Jenn said...

i am soooo missing CR after these pics. way to go, shaina! :)

happy happy anniversary!!!!

Perfectly Imperfect said...

Happy Anniversary!! I've enjoyed this look back on all your pictures! Hope you guys had a great day =)

Martinis or Diaper Genies? said...

looks amazing! I heard costa rica is a great cheap destination to go to. Was it relatively affordable?

Crazy Shenanigans said...

That place looks amazing! The pool looked fabulous!

Lucky in Love said...

What a perfect place for your honeymoon! It looks gorgeous there :)

Taryn said...

omg- seriously? why did you have to post this now? ugg! I need to go to Costa Rica for a vacation and live in those pools. sigh.

Glad you had a good time.

Jenni said...

These photos are so great! It looks like you two had so much fun. And I adore all the detailed photos. It made me feel like I went as well. :)

And happy belated anniversary!