Saturday, November 7, 2009

Countdown to the Anniversary: Reception

So...after all of those portraits, it was time to go to the reception! We had a slight break in between the ceremony and the reception. I was worried about the transition for our guests, but in the end...this just ended up being the right choice. We took all of our photos, and then got the reception right after cocktail hour began! Which was fantastic, because we were able to mingle with our guests before dinner. It was really relaxed and fun, AND then we didn't have to go from table to table at dinner...we just sat down and ate and enjoyed ourselves!

Our reception site was a really beautiful club. We had cocktails upstairs, where there were a couple of sitting areas, fireplaces, a large room for mingling, and a bar with a TV (very helpful considering the fact that we got married on a football Saturday!). Then, dinner was in the dining room downstairs.

First up, some detail shots. Here is our amazingly delicious cake...yummmmmy!
Placecards, made by MOH Jenn
The dining room
Our band
Rings and flowers
College football fun!
Our favors - caramel apples
Relaxing during cocktail hour
Saying hi to a BFF I hadn't seen in awhile!
Cutting the cake

Everyone went downstairs to be seated for dinner, and we waited upstairs to make our grand entrance. In the meantime...we practiced our killer dance moves.

This isn't a good photo...but what the heck. Walking into the dining room.
First dance, to Love is Here to Stay
Sharing a funny moment with my parents
My niece Jaylanne and me

My dad made a fantastic speech...I wish I remembered everything he said, because it was lovely.
Listening to speeches
Dance with Dad
Matt's dance with my MIL (by the is my MIL's 60th birthday! Happy birthday, Jill!)
Getting ready to throw the bouquet. Apparently the majority of my girlfriends were either...not there, or are already engaged/married.
My cousin Julie caught the bouquet. And she got married in July!
Matt throwing the garter...WAY more single guys out there!
My friend Steve caught it. Here we all are checking it out...
Okay, so I lied. There are more portraits. But these were taken AT the reception. I know, sneaky, right? :)

Well...that's everything! I hope you enjoyed my little walk down wedding memory lane. Up next tomorrow, on our anniversary, some photos from our amazing honeymoon in Costa Rica!

*once again, all photos by Patrick Abel*


Patience said...

Beautiful!! I love how your photog captured every detail of the evening. Looks amazing.

Lucy Marie said...

Beautiful again, of course. I love that you gave caramel apples for your favours. What a perfect idea for a fall wedding. I have two questions ... did your cousin who caught the bouquet and who got married in July marry the friend who caught the garter? I'm pretty sure she didn't but that would be cool if she did. AND ... did you wear your heels all day or did you change shoes? I don't understand how brides can be in uncomfortable heels all day.

Lucky in Love said...

Gorgeous!!! Hope you are having a fabulous anniversary weekend!

Brittany Ann said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! And you gave away the best favors I have ever seen! I love those caramel apples!

Molly Lou Gifts said...

What a fun time. I adore your gorgeous photos...they seriously arre amazing! Such great candid shots that really capture the emotions from the evening. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY WEEKEND!

Wearing Mascara said...

Oh my, your dress is GORGEOUS! I LOVE IT! :-)

Crazy Shenanigans said...

It looked like an absolutely gorgeous wedding! I love your cake and those favors!

Jenni said...

You garter = greatest thing EVER! We had ours specially made for senior prom and I had a basketball one (in Michigan colors) for my date because he loved basketball and I love Michigan. I might be copying you on this for my wedding one day as well :)