Monday, November 30, 2009

Anna's Baby Shower!

Here are some photos from the baby shower I threw for my BFF Anna two weekends ago!

Anna and me. Isn't she gorgeous? She is the most beautiful pregnant girl I have ever seen!
Baby shower cupcakes! Delish!
Half of our guests at the fun bistro
Restaurant shot. How cute is this place???!!!

Favors! We had pretty soaps and these ADORABLE cookies from Etsy seller Sugar & Flour.
Blurry close-up of another cookie. They were so cute!!!
The restaurant made these personalized menus - so cute!
We wanted to help start Baby Mae's library, so everyone brought children's books as part of their gift.
How cute is this? One of Anna's friends made this diaper cake. It's so cute! Plus she had never done it before...just looked up directions on the internet.
All the goodies afterwards!
This is the awesome diaper bag I gave Anna. She will be such a hip mom!
And back at their house...Baby Mae's bedroom, complete with shower gifts!

Anna and her husband Tim looking all cute on their front porch
New house!
It was a fabulous weekend...I cannot wait for Mae Felicity to arrive on or around February 2nd!!!!


katie said...

these are great! i threw a bridal shower at a bistro a couple months ago - they are so fun and unique!!

Lucy Marie said...

Yay for babies. It looks like it turned out really well - which is not a surprise considering all your hard work.

Okay ... what else can you distract me with? Seriously...

JennySchu. said...

cute pictures! Is that a Dale Chihuly blown glass piece in the restaurant?? Because I was totally distracted by it. ;)

Jenn said...

you did a great job on the shower - the bistro is just adorable. she is so lucky to have a friend like oyu :)

and omg - that HOUSE. it's perfect & i want to move in with them immediately.

and she is gorgeous. some pregnant people are so lucky!

Susannah said...

Okay, I have soooo missed you! Come back pleeeeese! :D On the baby shower, DAMN I am jealous of everything! The ideas are so great! Can I get knocked up again to steal the ideas?!?!

Wearing Mascara said...

Girl you're amazing. What an awesome celebration!!!! :-) She looks great and so do you.

Lucky in Love said...

What a gorgeous shower! Those cookies are the cutest!

Perfectly Imperfect said...

looks like a very successful shower!! and i'm drooling over your friends house. like mad bad...