Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Countdown to the Anniversary: Getting Ready

Lots of photos from getting ready. We arrived at the hair place at around 8am (?) to get a head start. My dad brought by bagels and my bridesmaids brought Starbucks. Which was definitely necessary as I was on about 4 hours of sleep, TOPS. The night before, my MOH Jenn slept over in bed with me, just like I did the night before her wedding. We got home from the bar and I smelled like she eventually went to sleep while I took a late-night shower. It took me hours, but I finally got to sleep. And then I woke up at around 4-5am, moved downstairs, and curled up on our living room couch. I tried to sleep a little longer, but to be wasn't very quality sleep. Surprise, surprise.

Anyway! Here is a happy shot of Jenn enjoying her bagel and Starbucks.

Getting my hair done.

It looked a little...crazy.

See?! Who knew my hair could have so much volume??!!

An equally awesome photo of bridesmaid and BFF Catherine's hair. :)

My hair: the finished product.

Anna getting her hair did

I was obsessed with Lisa's beautiful curls! I love the way her hair looked.

Jenn's hair all finished and pretty

Anna's finished hair

Makeup time!

Back at my parents' house, getting ready to go to the hotel and GET MARRIED!

We saw this sign when we got there...exciting!

Our florist was setting up in the conservatory where we got married...and all of our bouquets were sitting in this box. They looked so pretty!

I had a really, really hard time picking out flowers, and I had no idea what my bouquet would really look was hard to conceptualize. But ... I LOVED it! It was so gorgeous.

Up in the hotel room, fluffing out my dress

Catherine will kill me for posting this, but it is one of my favorite getting ready photos!!! This is when she decided she didn't really need a bra with her dress. Hilarious!

Dress on! Anna was helping with something, not sure what. She works in a bridal shop, so she helped with lots of wardrobe stuff that day.

LOVE this photo! The girls and me. We all look so happy and giggly.

I had given my girls monogrammed LL Bean bags as part of their bridesmaid gifts...and, so cute! They all used them the day of the wedding. Naturally, I got one for me as well...with my new monogram. I think mine is the one with the garters peeking out.

Getting some pro photos taken

Love this weird behind-the-scenes shot. Funny!

Time to get veiled.
The tears definitely started at that moment. Something about the veil just made it seem real.

My now-niece, Jaylanne, was our flower girl. She had a serious case of the nerves! But she
looked just precious.

Now-nephew and ring bearer Cooper, with now-BIL David. Cooper also had a touch of the nerves.

Heading back this photo.

We had some time to kill, so...we ordered a bottle of the hotel's "cheapest champagne." And
yes, that's how I ordered it.

Cheers! This is one of my favorite photos.

So is this!

Jenn taking care of some stray string with her handy nail scissors

Matt's ring...

...which Jenn was in charge of. Lisa so helpfully labelled it here.

Look! It's Lisa! This is a great photo of us, in my opinion. Definitely one of the best.

One last lipgloss application...
...and it's GO TIME!
All photos taken by Lisa, or by Lisa's camera.

Up next...the CEREMONY!


Pretty Personal Gifts said...

Beautiful pictures and memories!

Lisa said...

So I do not remember that picture of the two of us at all. But it is a good one.

My hair looked so avant garde!

Taryn said...

Umm- hello beautiful!

Hope you enjoyed your "cheapest champagne." = )

Just Anonymous Prep said...

These photos are so pretty!

Jennifer said...

Great pics! Absolutely LOVE your hair! It looked beautiful!

Ms. Attitude said...

love it!

Molly Lou Gifts said...

LOVE IT!!! How fun...those are some great pictures. You look your dress.

Jenn said...

i love these - lisa is quite the photog!!

Brittany Ann said...

I started crying when I put my veil on, too!

You were such a gorgeous bride!

Lucky in Love said...

I love this! You look like you had a fabulous getting ready experience :) Gorgeous!

Lucy Marie said...

Cheapest champagne - you would.

Crazy Shenanigans said...

Great pictures! Your flowers and dress were amazing!