Monday, January 25, 2010

Birthday Wish List!

Sorry I haven't gotten back into the swing of blogging yet. Don't worry, it will happen soon. I am almost positive. In the meantime...let's look at fun pretty shiny things! My 28th birthday is coming up soon, on February 9. Yay birthday! I thought I would post a fun birthday wish list. And yes, part of it is a fantasy wish list. But part of it is real. :)

Okay, this picture didn't work out exactly how I was hoping, but ... I'd really love to have a month of yoga classes at Bloomington Power Yoga. I've been wanting to start yoga classes since LAST January, and I think it's finally time. Plus it's a good way to round out my running, pilates, and Zumba! :)

Sephora gift card! Who can't use one of those? I heart makeup. :)
Okay, can't find a good photo - or item - online, but I really want a covered casserole dish. Large-ish and small-ish. I don't have anything oven-safe with a cover. And I need one!

Yes, these were on my Christmas list. Still love them, still want them.
I AM IN LOVE WITH THESE SHOES. They are soooooo gorgeous. And also sooooo above my price range. Sigh. Tory, can you please make cheaper shoes???? (size 9, by the way!)
When Matt left, he took his camera. Which also happened to be OUR camera. Which means I am camera-less. Which is bad. I really really really want a DSLR...but I don't really know much about them. So I picked this one because it's Nikon and it's expensive, you I must be good, right?!
But that's not really a realistic birthday wish list item. So since the DSLR is mostly on my fantasy list, I'd love to have this cute little point and shoot. Plus, it's PINK! How fun is that??! I loooooooooove it!
Well, that's about it. I especially want that fun pink camera! Isn't it pretty? FYI ... I received my birthday present from Matt before he left. I am now the proud and happy owner of a beautiful "new" (to me) antique dresser. Our old dresser was in pretty bad shape, and this one is beautiful and perfect! Sad to say I don't have a photo. Because, you know, ... no camera.


Brittany Ann said...

oooohhh! he's good! remembering your birthday before he left!

Mrs. Hibit said...

February birthdays are the best! A covered casserole dish is on my wish list as well.
I hope the birthday gods are reading!

(P.S. I'm sorry if I just left this comment 5 times. I kept trying to use my wordpress username, but it wouldn't work. at least it told me it wasn't working. So for now, Mrs. Hibit it is!)

Crazy Shenanigans said...

Aw, that's great that he gave you a birthday present before he left!!! Hope you get something off your wish list!

Jane said...

I have those uggs and I LOVE THEM!

Anonymous said...

Snap, props to Matt! That is a good man!

Do you have a corningware set? Is that a casserole dish? I use lots of kitchen things but don't know what the appropriate terminology is for them. I just cook with what works for the food I intend to make. It's a scientific process.

Lucy Marie said...

Um anything else you want while we're at it?

Lora said...

Hmmm, I need to start making my wish list--my birthday is in March!

Saw your Colts love on another blog and thought I'd come visit! I'm originally from Indiana, so I've gotta support the home state! Living in Nashville that's sometimes a bit of a conflict :)

Lucky in Love said...

He took your camera!?! Boo for Matt! But at least you got an awesome dresser :)

Jenn said...

i want to see the dresser - take a picture with the blackberry!

and as far as cameras go - that is a great camera. i have the d3000 which is a step below that and even that one is more than i need. nikon's are great cameras!!

Veronica King: aka Queen Vee said...

Just came across you blog today - so cute!! Happy Birthday, hope you get something you really wanted!! I will definitely be checkin' back in! =]