Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Alterations Appointment

On Monday, I had my first alterations appointment for my wedding dress. It seems weird to finally get it altered, seeing as how I've had it hanging around for about two months. Most brides have their dresses altered right away, but I chose to take it home, knowing that I was moving to Indiana at the end of the summer. I didn't want to start alterations in one state and finish in another...besides the general hassel, I would have had to pay two different alterations fees! And that's not good. So anyway, I held onto it until we arrived here in Bloomington, and made an appointment at a bridal shop that's attached to an alterations place. It's called "Golden Stitch." Hmm. That sounds promising, right?

It was so fabulous putting on my dress again! I haven't had it on since I picked it up in July. It still looks amazing! I cannot wait to wear it for AN ENTIRE DAY, rather than just a couple of minutes here and there. Thankfully, the dress basically fits perfectly and needs very minimal alterations. I'm getting cups sewn into the bust, a slight tucking of the straps (they are a little too big), and the most fabulous French bustle you have ever seen. The length of the dress is perfect with my fabulous shoes, so the dress doesn't even need to be hemmed!

This weekend, Matt and I are heading to Michigan for another busy weekend of wedding stuff. Here's our weekend schedule:

8:00am: Leave Bloomington for Michigan
2:00pm: Arrive in Pleasant Ridge
2-5:00pm: Give Matt a tour of the area, including the Royal Park Hotel and the Village Club. I think it's time for him to finally see where we're getting married!
6:00pm: Hurried dinner
7:00pm: Wedding cake tasting at Holiday Market
10:30am: Meeting with Carolyn, our fabulous wedding planner
3:00pm: Bridal hair trial with Irene, my new and awesome hair person
7:00pm: Dinner with Matt and the parents at Sweet Lorraine's, to pick out a rehearsal dinner menu
11:00am: Engagement photos in Ann Arbor
12:00pm: Lunch at Zingerman's to celebrate Matt's official last day in the Army
1:00pm: Meeting with John Rubadeau, our officiant extraordinaire, to create (?) our wedding ceremony
2-3:00pm: Drive back to Bloomington
8-9:00pm: Collapse, exhausted, in our apartment

Yikes, I'm getting tired just thinking about it. I'm hoping I'll be able to fit in some college football watching on Saturday...fingers crossed!

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