Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Last Few Days...

Just a friendly reminder that there are only a few days left if you'd like to help contribute to my fundraising efforts for the Monroe County Humane Association's Walk for Animals! You can see over to the right on my sidebar that, miraculously, my wonderful friends, family, and blog buddies have raised a shocking $370 so far - 74% of my goal of $500. I am thrilled about raising even this much money, but - even though there are only a few days left - I am still striving to reach my goal of $500!

Click here to read my original post about the Walk for Animals.

Click here to go directly to my personal donation site, or click on the "Donate!" button to the right.

Also, don't forget to shop at Molly Lou Gifts today and tomorrow - MLG is generously donating 10% of all sales for the month of September (which is almost over!) to the Walk to Animals!!! And don't forget to check out MLG's blog, too.

So. That's out of the way!

Thanks so much for all of your kind comments about my husband. No, I will not share him. Yes, I will see if he will contact all of YOUR husbands/significant others to try to convince them to buy YOU a fabulous, new, full loaded 15-inch MacBook Pro. I'll TRY. :)

I also saw that several of you seemed MORE excited to find out that I'm Jewish than you were to find out I got a fabulous new computer. Please note that, for the record, I do not share that enthusiasm. Being Jewish has been around for awhile, but my new MacBook has only been in my life since yesterday at around 3:00pm.

But, yes, I am Jewish - or, as I prefer to call it, Jew-ish. I was raised in a very liberal temple (ever heard of Humanistic Judaism?) and, to be honest, even that was a little too much religion for me. Religion has never been a big part of my life. The parts of Judaism I have embraced are more cultural and traditional than religious. Religion is a very sticky subject, and I would like to avoid talking about it in too much depth here, if possible. Please note that, no matter what your religious preferences, they are a-okay with me. And I can only hope that my religious preferences, or lack thereof, are a-okay with you, too.

*UPDATE* I cannot believe that I forgot to remind you of the GIVEAWAY!!! Don't forget, there is a giveaway linked with your donation to the Walk for Animals. Everyone who donates is automatically entered!!! Don't miss this chance to win my surprise giveaway - it's going to be great!!!


Lucky in Love said...

You're okay with my I guess. Even though you're just an -ish :)


Lucy Marie said...

I loved this "Please note I do not share that enthusiasm. Being Jewish has been around for awhile, but my new MacBook has only been in my life since yesterday at around 3:00pm."

ba ha ha

Anonymous said...

Seconded Lucy Marie's comment! Hilarious! I'd say the same thing is we compared my religion to a Canon SLR. We'll have to have Matt confer with my hubs! :)

&& congrats on being at 74% of your goal!!!

Kayla said...

Congrats on the new computer and on being so close to your goal! I'm glad you're back to the blogging world!! :-)

Martinis or Diaper Genies? said...

you'll love my jewish post coming up. All my life I wanted to be jewish so bad.

d.a.r. said...

I agree with Lucy Marie. I almost peed myself laughing!!!

Macbooks are the BEST!!!