Monday, July 5, 2010

24 weeks later ... goal review

So, as of yesterday, it has been 24 weeks since Matt left. Wow. Okay. That's a really long time! Anyway. I thought now was as good a time as any to review me deployment goals ... and see if I have actually accomplished anything in the last 24 weeks.

1. Organize the scary closet in the guest room (Matt joked that this will likely take 99% of the time he's gone).
Okay. Not surprisingly, I haven't actually started the Closet of Doom and Despair yet. I plan to start it, um, soon. Really soon. Really. I promise.

2. Join the community orchestra
Well. I haven't done this either, and I am still getting into practicing regularly. This has been tough for me, but I really do want to go through with this.

3. Take a yoga class
Well okay. 3 for 3. I haven't done this either! Okay, this is starting to get depressing. I have, however, done a yoga video a few times .... does that count???

4. Learn how to cook lots of good stuff (and remember how to cook for one again)
Okay. I have done this! I have been cooking and trying new things (see Friday's post) and I have kind of been cooking stuff for one. It's usually pretty simple stuff, and lots of salads, but I am getting by!

5. Hang some photos in the apartment
Okay, I seriously do not remember putting this on the list. I haven't done this ... and I don't really think I need to. So there. :)

6. Visit lots of friends - especially those in Chicago.
I went to Chicago once in February but haven't had the chance to go back. I have also been to Charlotte, NC to see Anna, Mae, Cassie and Charlie, and I've been to Clarksville TN to visit Jenn. This summer, I will fit in some more visits, and then in September I will head back to Chicago for the big half marathon and hang out with Jenn (formerly of Jeans Friday), d.a.r. and MTM! Soooo excited.

Okay. I'm a little surprised that this is all I wrote down ... perhaps I had another post with goals somewhere? Not sure. I thought for sure that losing some weight would be on there. I have lost somewhere around 10-15 pounds since Matt left. I have been running, doing yoga, walking, and doing strength training regularly. I feel good and I keep feeling better, thanks to the running. I have noticed my legs really looking more muscular, and I feel stronger. Good things!

As for the other goals ... well, I'll tackle that closet eventually. Really. I will. Promise. :)


Anonymous said...

Congrats on what you have done and for being super-strong and having gotten through twenty-four weeks, that's an accomplishment in and of itself!

Why not nix the first three goals and replace them with something you actually want to do?

Oddly enough, one of husband's summer goals is to organize our closet of doom as such initiation of said closet project in this house either, LOL! That's why they have doors!

Becky said...

I think half the list done is great progress!

Perfectly Imperfect said...

well good job on what you've already done, and don't worry about the rest! it'll get done eventually.

and that is exactly why i never get anything done!!

Lucy Marie said...

Why do today what you could put off to tomorrow?