Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Blackberry Art Day

This morning as I drove to work, there was the most gorgeous sunrise. I decided to stop briefly to shoot a quick photo with my trusty Blackberry. Which of course led to a review of several photos currently in my bberry...and I thought I would take a post to share some of them!

This one really makes me laugh! This photo is from happy hour, shortly before I moved from DC to Indiana. My friend D, a native New Yorker, loves hot dogs more than anyone I have ever met. She ordered this massive foot-long hot dog during happy hour. Love!

My favorite boys - my husband Matt and our dog, Oscar. Clearly two peas in a pod! This was taken right after we moved into our new apartment in Bloomington...we literally had no furniture for a few days as we waited for the Army movers to come!

Oscar posing for the camera...I mean, Oscar resting with his head on his favorite stuffed dog.

The morning after our wedding - I loved seeing my wedding dress casually hanging up in the hotel closet next to the robe and my winter coat. Before the wedding, I was so petrified that something would happen to it, or it would get dirty. The morning just didn't matter.

Hmm, this one is a little dark. I clearly should have used my bberry flash. Anyway...this picture makes me laugh - a great shot of Oscar and his usual partner in crime, Big Mean Kitty*.

Amazing sunset on Christmas Day, near the end of our 6 hour drive from my parents' house (Michigan) to Matt's parents' house (Indiana)

Oscar enjoying an unseasonably warm day of Indiana winter.

The St. Louis Arch, as taken through the car window in the backseat of my mom's car during the 11 hour drive from Bloomington to Norman, Oklahoma for New Years.

This is the gorgeous sunrise I saw this morning. Isn't it amazing? Too bad it's a bit blurry. I think it's safe to say that bberry cameras are less than perfect.

Last but not least...the sock/shoe combo I am rocking today. What exactly happened here? I know that I dressed in the dark, but...still. Sigh. I feel totally and completely eighties-tacular. And please note that both my shoes AND socks are from Target.

So, there you have it! My life via bberry photos. I hope you enjoyed!

*do you have a dog? if so, please run to your nearest petsmart/petco and buy a Big Mean Kitty. It is in the canvas-y toy section. Oscar is a serious chewer, and...these things are completely indestructible!

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Carole said...

Live on forever 80'S Now we just need that 80;s hair too come back!!!

Your dress looks wicked cool!!! Love it!