Friday, January 30, 2009

Weird things in the bathroom

I work as a school counselor - but not just a normal counselor, of course. I am employed by the Chamber of Commerce and work through a grant program. The purpose of my job: working with kids who have consistent and habitual truancy issues, are failing three or more classes, and/or have discipline issues. My actual title: Stay in School Counselor. I literally try to get these kids to stay in school and get a high school diploma.

I've been working here since October 1, and I can't lie - I love my job. My kids are great (albeit usually unmotivated and hence very frustrating to me), and I love working at a school and - of course, if this week of snow days is any indication - being on a school schedule. I also love that I'll be working part-time during the summer months. Lovely!

I work at one of the two high schools in Bloomington. I have only two coworkers who do what I do - one of them works at the other Bloomington high school, and the second works at a high school in a neighboring district that falls under our grant program.

My coworker Becky, who works at the other Bloomington high school, just left for maternity leave, and I will be covering both Bloomington high schools in her absence. Today is my first day at high school number two. So far, so good - she has a much bigger office than I do, and it's feeling very luxurious! Also, the staff seems really great and friendly, and I know I will enjoy my two months here.

A few moments ago, I ventured out of my office to the staff bathroom. Its contents...were disturbing. Maybe I'm being weird or something - you can tell me! - but, inside the single, women's staff bathroom were the following:
  1. Two aerosol cans of air freshener
  2. One aerosol can of Aquanet (or something similar)
  3. One wide-tooth comb (????)
  4. One makeup bag or discreet feminine products bag that was left in there for some reason....
  5. Dental floss (?????????)
  6. A toothbrush. Singular.
  7. Body mist

Okay. Some of that is weird, right? I mean...are you telling me that the entire female staff population of this high school shares dental floss? And the comb....? The toothbrush?

And to answer your, these are NOT items all left accidentally in the bathroom this morning. I was here last week, too, prepping for Becky's absence, and...all that stuff was there.

In my normal staff bathroom at my normal high school, it is just...a bathroom, and there is usually a small seasonal decoration along with a suggested reading list of new books. I much prefer this. Thoughts?

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