Monday, May 11, 2009


Happy Monday, my lovelies!  Did you have a good weekend?  Did anything exciting happen?  

It was a pretty quiet on the front at the Smith residence.  I volunteered at an all-day event at one of the junior highs on Friday, so I was away from all of your lovely blogs.  Saturday and Sunday were pretty low-key - we went out for a nice brunch on Saturday, only to discover that it was IU Graduation day.  Chaos insued.  We got a table at one of our favorite spots after waiting for about 30 minutes...only to discover that they had a special "Graduation menu" that involved all of the normal menu items with completely jacked up prices.  Damn.

We followed up our lengthy and pricey breakfast with a nice long five mile hike with Oscar.  It really was gorgeous out!  Sunday was spent celebrating Mother's Day with the inlaws.  

But - enough with all the pleasantries.  I came across two very concerning things on Friday and Saturday, and I just HAVE to share them with you.

Friday, as you know from my last post, marked six months since our wedding day.  When I checked my email in the morning, I was rather surprised to see this in my inbox:

Subject:  Pregnant?  New Parent?  Trying to Conceive?

Believe it or not, it's already been six months since we helped you plan your dream wedding!  Did you know that our family of websites also includes two of the top pregnancy and parenting resources on the web?  With all the same great features you loved on The Knot, and are can't-miss destinations for anyone even thinking about adding another member to the family.  If babies aren't on your mind right now, forward this email to a friend.  She'll thank you for it later!

etc, etc.  

So.  That's the cutoff, is it?  Six months post wedding, and I should already be planning my family.  Whew.  Well, since I'm not at this point yet, consider the email appropriately forwarded to any of you who perhaps are considering starting a family.  Feel free to thank me now, later, or anytime in between.

Furthermore...on Saturday night, Mr. Smith and I went to the Bloomington Symphony's concert.  This is a community orchestra that I'm planning on auditioning for in a couple of months (more on that another time), and we (I) wanted to check it out.  

The concert was conveniently held at the high school auditorium (yes, the same high school I work at).  As we wandered in and purchased our tickets, we were handed an audience survey to fill out.  The survey wanted to know how many concerts we had been to this season, if we'd like to volunteer, etc etc.  Then, they wanted us to check off our age range.  We were a little surprised to see the age range we currently fall into:

Age: Under 19
65 or older

Um, ohmygod.  Apparently, the Bloomington Symphony isn't too concerned about getting statistics from their "middle-aged" concertgoers...?  Because I feel like 25 and 64 are so different that they just cannot be in the same range.

Thoughts?  Comments?  Comforting words?  Because suddenly, Mr. Smith and I feel like we're about to register with the AARP.


d.a.r. said...

Wow, nothing like pushing the babies on ya, huh? That is crazy and I would find it wildly insulting. We'll be married for probably 3-4 years before babies come into play. I want to be a good parent, not just have a baby because I can have sex now, haha!

And yeah, you are def. middle aged. Retirement, watch out!

Legallyblondemel said...

Yeah, the Knot is a somewhat sinister thing. Very helpful in some aspects, but the whole plan your wedding/life according to our handy calculator stuff is weird.

25-64 is no age category that I recognize, by the way. Odd.

Lucy Marie said...

ha ha ha!! Both of those things are so funny. 6 months seems a rather short cut off and you are right, that age gap is huge.

Just wait - although the KNOT thinks 6 months is the cut off for babies, your friends and family will likely think 1-2 years is the cut off and you will soon be bombarded with the good ol' "so, when are you thinking about having a baby"? at every family/social function.

AEO said...

Too funny!! Both of those situations are *slightly* weird and great blogging material!!

Um, you are not old and you do not need to have a baby yet!! Just enjoy the summer! That's all that should be on your "to do" list!

Can't wait to hear more about the orchestra!

kilax said...

You're too old and have been waiting too long to have kids!!! What else are you doing wrong and not telling us about? :P Ha ha.

6 mos? For us it will be at least 6 YEARS, probably longer!

Jenn said...

haha - that is so funny!! i keep telling people to shut up about the baby talk already. i've been married 8 months, babies are the LAST thing on my mind.

and 25-64? thats quite the age range haha!!

Taryn said...

25-64? Wow. You are old.

haha- jk. but seriously. I will be 25 in a few months and it is making me feel OLD. 25 is not early twenties. 25 is adulthood. I don't think I am ready.

Crazy Shenanigans said...

Haha, wow, nothing like the KNOT trying to push people to have families. They're probably trying to get a new push for their parenthood magazine! lol