Thursday, May 14, 2009

A Serious Note

I just wanted to take a moment very briefly to talk about the shooting that occurred at Camp Liberty in Iraq on Monday.  An Army sergeant currently at the end of his third tour in Iraq has been charged with shooting and killing four of his fellow soldiers, along with a naval officer, at the Liberty Combat Stress Control Center - a facility that provides counseling for soldiers.  The Sgt. had been referred for counseling the week before, after his commander thought it best that he no longer carry a weapon.  After going for counseling, he was driven away by an escort.  It appears that the Sgt. gained control of his escort's weapon, forced him out of the car, drove back to the counseling center and began shooting.  Among those dead are an Army doctor and a Naval social worker.  

I think we'll probably never know why he did what he did.  Like many of those in the mental health profession, I think that not enough is being done for our soldiers' mental health, both overseas and at home, post-deployment.  There are just too many soldiers, and not enough people who can appropriately and professionally help them.  How can we better take care of our men and women serving our country?

I wish I had the answer...I wish our country had the answer.    

You can read more about this tragedy here.  


Anonymous said...

Which is why I am seriously contemplating working in a VA hospital post-doc. PTSD, anxiety, depression, and the related side effects of war and great trauma are no laughing matter. People need to NOT hide these issues, not be embarassed to discuss them, and have UTMOST respect for those who disclose said feelings/diagnoses. It's so backwards it breaks my heart.

Kelly said...

I couldn't agree with you more. I'm a counselor. It's a very sad story that breaks my heart. These people in the military have give so much for us and we don't even give them proper care.

Crazy Shenanigans said...

This story broke my heart. I worry so much about PTSD and I wonder if I'll see it in Matt when he comes back. It's one of my biggest fears.

This story was so tragic