Monday, July 21, 2008

Checklist Update

Exciting news about The Checklist!  On July 9th, I wrote that I had only completed 70 items on my Knot checklist and still had a whopping 184 to go.  Well, after completing a few more items (I'm all the way to 76, now!) I realized that it still says "184 To-Dos on List."  I have realized that this is the TOTAL number of items on the checklist, rather than the remaining things I need to accomplish.


Out of curiosity, I went through a checklist on the Martha Stewart Weddings website as well.  Martha only suggests 118 total items for the checklist (I've completed 54 of them!), which leads me to believe that either The Knot is horrendously thorough, or Martha is forgetting something.  It's just so hard to imagine Martha missing anything important, especially concerning a wedding.  Favorites from the Martha Checklist:  Book your hair and makeup vender.  Start the guest list.  Search for a band.  You see, it's very cut and dry, nothing confusing like on The Knot:  Make sure your Maid of Honor and Best Man know what's expected of them - providing a list of their duties will help.

I'm so sorry, Jennifer, if you're reading this, that I never provided you with a list of duties.  Here they are:
1.  Please look fabulous on the wedding day
2. Please have fun on the wedding day
3. Please have your hair done in a fun and different way so we can ooh and aah over it
4. Please make sure you hold my bouquet at the appropriate times during the ceremony
5. Please fluff out my train when absolutely necessary (ceremony only)
6. Please listen while I talk about all the fun wedding stuff I'm doing, and squeal with excitement when it's something really good (eeeee!)

Well, I guess that's it.  I'm so sorry I didn't do this sooner.  Oh, Checklist.

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Jennifer said...

Do you realize that you posted this fun message ON MY BIRTHDAY? Perfect timing! I have no problem assuming all of these duties, especially number 2.