Wednesday, July 9, 2008

The Checklist

Every day, I go on to look at my checklist.  Thanks to the fine people at The Knot (which is a fabulous wedding resource, FYI), I have an absolutely mind-boggling checklist of everything I am supposed to be completing for the wedding.  This checklist is organized in monthly increments up to my wedding date.  Each time I reach the next month (i.e., today, as the 9th to the 8th of the following month is considered my "wedding month increment"), more items on my checklist magically appear.  I find this both challenging and daunting.  

I love checking things off the list.  When I do this, they disappear.  They're gone.  According to The Knot, I have completed 70 items on my checklist.  Sadly, I still have 184 left.  The thing is...I just don't find all of them valid.  Some of these items are innocuous enough, like..."finalize menu and service details with caterer."  Well, that's pretty black and white.  Others are a little more complex:  "Brides:  experiment with your beauty routine, self-tanners, and facials."  ??  I suppose I should just go ahead and check this one off the list.  I feel like it's probably best to not do any experimenting with only four months left until the wedding.  And...self-tanners?  I don't think so.  

The other beauty of the checklist is that it tells me how many days are left until the wedding.  Today, it informs me that there are 122 days remaining until I become Mrs. Smith.  It also tells me that I'm behind on a few items - namely, booking our hotel room for the wedding night.  This is notated by a purple exclamation mark next to the checklist item.  Other items I am overdue on:  ordering invitations (I'm working on this, Checklist, I swear!), and deciding on a floral scheme with specific flowers.  

Oh well.  I'm pretty sure I'm on top of things, and while I'll continue to use my Knot Checklist purely for the joy of watching tasks disappear, I won't let it get the better of me!  And for now, my own internal checklist has informed my that I'm overdue for walking my dog.  

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