Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Ring Pillows

I'm having a really hard time figuring out what to do for a ring pillow.  I think that part of the problem is that I have found this super, duper, really amazing one made by British artist Anna Whitford  and I have just become obsessed with it.  Isn't it amazing?  She uses metallic leather and silk dupioni.  The problem is that it's insanely expensive.  According to her website, the ring pillow is priced at 49 British pounds, which - according to today's currency conversion, is equal to $98.2334.  And that doesn't include the cost to get it here from England.  This seems like an awful, awful lot of money to pay for a ring pillow that will only be used once.  

But - check out this adorable little change purse that she makes, also!  Bridesmaids, if you're out there - I really wanted to purchase these for you as one of your bridesmaid gifts, but...I can't afford them.  I'm sorry.  So take a peek here, and see what you're missing.  I think they are to die for!!!  

Anyway - I guess I still haven't solved the problem of a ring pillow.  I have actually found several beautiful ones on Etsy, which doesn't surprise me - what a fabulous place to find, well, everything!  Matt claims that if I give him $100, he can make me a ring pillow that looks just like Anna Whitford's, using a regular pillow, some Christmas ribbon, and a pair of scissors.  But somehow, I'm just not buying it...

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