Friday, July 11, 2008

Color Palette of the Day

This is a good one, people...

Obviously a bit more summery than I'm going for, but I'm loving some of these details.  I actually cut out this photo of the boutenniere in the middle/left (how in the heck do you spell that?  I misspell it every time!) from an old Martha Stewart Weddings and have it in my own wedding binder under the "Flowers" tab.  When it surfaced in this color palette, I was thrilled!  I'm also loving the orange boutenniere in the top/right - although Matt thinks it looks like a puff ball on a stick.  Oh well.  Other things I love:  the candle thingy and the homemade pies.  I really wanted to do this for our wedding - and we were planning on having pies for our dessert instead of wedding cake at first - but our reception site didn't allow it.  Oh well.  

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