Tuesday, December 15, 2009


As I look at my calendar and realize that Matt is leaving in about a month (okay, I knew that without looking at the calendar)...I have decided that it's time to document my projects and goals for while Matt is gone.

1. Train for and successfully complete the Chicago Half Marathon on September 12th, 2010. Yes, I will do this! My running has been a little less regular over the past few weeks, but I will get back on schedule When Matt Leaves (shortened to WML from now on!). I have really started to enjoy running, and I am looking forward to attaining this goal. I also know that Jenn will be with me every step of the way, and that definitely helps!

2. Clean out the guest bedroom closet. If you could see it, you would understand why this is a whole project in and of itself. It is a NIGHTMARE in there and I have started fantasizing about how I'm going to organize it and where I'm going to put things. It is a really, really big walk-in closet (well, to me at least!) and it has so much potential. Right now, you can't even get in the door because there is so much crap all over the floor. With the help of Rubbermaid containers and magazine holder thingies, I plan to organize the CRAP out of that closet. Whenever that happens, I'll post before and after photos. Don't judge me.

3. Learn how to make my own bread and NEVER BUY BREAD AGAIN. This has been inspired by Lucy. She told me that, last December, she decided to never buy bread again - she started making her own and has been doing it ever since. She makes EVERYTHING! Bread, pitas, breadsticks, english muffins...you name it, she can make it. I think this would be a great thing to know how to do.

4. Get a half share of a CSA farm. I'm extremely excited about this...I have researched and picked out my farm and everything. For 25 weeks, I'll get a box full of veggies and other local treats (eggs, cheese, whatever they feel like throwing in). Lisa and Randy get a half share each summer growing season, and they said it's WAY more veggies than they can eat. Since there will be only one of me, I will learn how to properly freeze veggies so they can last far into next winter 2011.

5. Tied into the last two...I really want to try and eat as locally as possible. I will not completely hold myself to this because eating 100% locally is like...hard. Ha. But I want to make really conscious decisions about where my food is coming from. WML (did you get that? When Matt Leaves), my eating habits will change dramatically. While he needs a whole meal, I could just pick at veggies. I am very happy not eating meat. I plan on being a happy vegetarian 90% of the time. Veggies are grown locally...so, I think I'll be good. UNTIL I need some avocados (clearly not grown here) and ... actually, I'm not sure if brussels sprouts are grown here or not. Clearly something to look into.

6. Become a generally neater/cleaner/more organized person. This is clearly less measurable...but I have so much crap that I know I can purge and throw away. I will have lots of time to work on this...and when Matt comes back, he won't have to pile all my shoes in the bedroom anymore, haha.

7. Get my body in the best shape possible so that when Matt comes home...we can try for a Baby Smith. I have some weight to lose, some areas to tone up...you know, the usual. Because of my endometriosis, I already have a fertility strike against me. I don't want anything else to get in the way of getting pregnant.

8. Play my violin REGULARLY and audition for (and get into, duh) the Bloomington Symphony. I have played violin since I was three years old...and it has definitely lapsed in my adult life. There are so many other things to do, other obligations, other hobbies. I don't want to let this one fall by the wayside. Plus, playing in an orchestra has always been a social outlet for me and I know I'll need some more friends around here when I'm all alone!

Well....that's actually all I can think of right now. Those are the big things. Eventualy, WML, I'll add my project/goal list on my sidebar and mark when I have completed things. Anyone else have anything they think I should add?


Wearing Mascara said...

These are such great and inspiring goals. I also LOVE that you posted this before New Years because I think you'll be more committed if it's not a new years resolution - you know? (even though I'll probably make a ny's resolution post regardless! ha!). Anywho... you rock and are an amazing inspiration!


Jenn said...

Love the list. Lets see, you forgot a few things:

1. Coach Hoeppner 5k with Jenn & Jenny
2. Talk to Jenn every single day via at least 2 forms of electronic communication, with the added bonus of texting. (If you need cheering up - I will even offer to video chat you in THE green dress).
3. Celebrate your birthday in Chicago with a delicious deep dish pizza (which also goes with your 90% vegetarian thing), lots of drinking & fabulous desserts somewhere.

Ok so I can only think of 3 things right now, but I'm sure I'll come up with more.

LOL xx

Lucy Marie said...

Um, I'm not sure that it' s a good idea to have all of that homemade bread in your house.

9. Meet Lucy in RL!

Lisa said...

25. Go to Europe.
26. Go on ANOTHER chocolate tour.
27. Get someone fired.
28. Watch True Blood on DVD.

Going to disagree with Jenn though. Too much good food to waste your bday dinner on pizza. I recommend Bacon wrapped dates at Cafe Ba Ba Reeba.

Kristen said...

wow! A lot of goals and you can do it!

kilax said...

Great list! We are hoping to participate in CSA too. :) I think trying to eat local is wonderful as well. Yay. Baby Smith :)

Jackie said...

Those all sound like great things! I know you will keep busy and time will fly by while Matt is gone.

Lucky in Love said...

I think this is a wonderful list! I'm glad you are setting goals for yourself while he is gone. I know they will keep you busy and bring you so much happiness!

Patience said...

Great goals! I can't wait to read as you accomplish each and every one of them.

bevLY said...

thumbs up on the bloomington symphony part! :) i miss violin, too!

Erin said...

I'm especially excited for 1, 3, 5, and SEVEN :-) Awesome goals - and totally doable!

Susannah said...

Shaina, These are awesome goals, and it's great that you are thinking positively and doing things to better yourself! Way to go girl, this time will fly by WML and you will have such great things done!

Kirsten said...

The answer to this is probably yes, but have you read Animal, Vegetable, Miracle, by Barbara Kingsolver? Where she grows (almost) all of her food and eats locally for a year? I just finished it and I loved it. Also, babies?!? Yay!

AEOT said...

LOVE that you only want homemade bread products in your house. My mom made homemade bread (not even in the breadmaker) every weekend, so we only ever ate mom's bread. It was wonderful. Homemade pita is easy-peasy. Check out Annie's Eats blog for a great recipe.

I think joining a symphony would be a wonderful outlet and such an enjoyable experience. GL with that goal- it would be truly amazing for you.

You should check into the Hal Higdon 1/2 marathon running guide. that's how B trained for all his running events, and he swears by the guy!! I did my 10K following his plan, and I really did think it helped having somehting to follow and something to cross off at the end of every run! You can totally do this!

d.a.r. said...

These are seriously awesome goals!!! You rock :)