Sunday, December 27, 2009

Greetings from Florida!

I know I said I was going to be absent for a few...and really, I am! But I'm hanging out at my Granddad's house in Florida, having just woke up from a lovely nap on the couch in front of some football, so I thought I'd say hello.

We left yesterday morning to get here...and it was NOT as fun as it should have been. Let me fill you in on our lovely day of travel.

7:15am: Leave MIL and FIL's house. FIL drove us to airport.
8:45am: Arrive at the Louisville airport because we live in the middle of nowhere and there isn't an airport there.
12:00: Our first flight leaves, from Louisville to Tampa. Late. Was supposed to leave at 11:30 and land at 1:30. Now it leaves at 12 and will land at 2. Start to stress about making our connection, which leaves from Tampa at 2:40 and lands in West Palm Beach at 3:30. We are flying Southwest and naturally cannot find two seats together.
2:00: Land in Tampa and rush to gate, secretly hoping I have enough time to pee. Discover that flight #2 is delayed until 4:10. Granddad's party is at 7. I have not showered, because you know...I have plenty of time to get ready at Granddad's house.
2:15: Eat at Chili's at the airport. Blah.
2:45-3:45: Sit around bored and stare out the window, willing the plane to come early.
4:00: The plane lands...and takes approximately 100,000 minutes for the passengers to deplane (hehe, I love that word) and then for them to clean it.
4:15: We board the plane.
4:45: We are still sitting on the plane, waiting and getting frustrated, but happy because we found seats together.
4:50: There is something wrong with the plane. They make us deplane (hehe) and then sit around and wait as they prepare another aircraft. I start to go crazy.
5:30: Get on the second damn plane. Naturally cannot find seats together because people are assholes. I sit in the middle seats between two nice old ladies who loudly voice their disappointment that the "nice young man" who was sitting there when we got on the plane the first time didn't sit there again. I CAN HEAR YOU, BITCHES.
5:32: Nice old bitch on the left offers me a free drink voucher because it "looks like I need it." We instantly become friends, although I don't take her voucher because I know I will drink too much at the party and I'm trying to pace myself.
6:15: FINALLY LAND IN WEST PALM BEACH. Better yet...our bag makes it, too. Rejoice.
7:15: Arrive at Granddad's party, which started at 7. Change in the bathroom and try to make sense of crazy, air-dried, airport hair. Fail.
7:31: Order large glass of "something red that isn't merlot" while Matt sucks down Jameson and Coke faster than I think is humanely possible. After a second glass of wine and a second Jameson and Coke...we are happy!
10:00pm: Get a massive migraine. Go home and pass out asap.

The good part is...we made it to my granddad's party and it was really lovely. Last night we had a small dinner party with immediate family (ours, and my granddad's girlfriend's family), and tonight, my granddad's girlfriend's SON (did you get that?) is throwing a large party for my granddad at his house. He lives just outside of Miami in Aventura. So, that should be fun! Tomorrow, we're off to Savannah for a couple of days, and then Nashville for a couple of days, and then HOME. It's definitely a whirlwind, but so far we're having a good time!

I hope all of you had a fantastic Christmas...I sure did! Santa brought me all sorts of fun stuff, including a University of Michigan snuggie!!! Photos to follow...when we get home.



brown eyed girl said...

OMG, that sounded hellacious. The drinks at the end sounded kickass, vodka and cranberry? My mother has me on a steady red wine diet here LOL! :)

Hope you guys have a great time this weekend!

Jenn said...

i told you that drinking helps solve most problems with travel delays. i definitely feel your pain on that one, friend :( being stuck in airports is the WORST!!

Susannah said...

THat sounds hilariopus and fun! I can just imagine you running around trying to deal, but the cocktails certainly helped!
Glad it turned out OK, and enjoy the rest of your time!

Crazy Shenanigans said...

That sounds like a rough trip but I'm glad you made it!

Just Anonymous Prep said...

Wow that sounds like travel hell! Glad you arrived safely and that the liquor was easily accessible.

Chelsea Talks Smack said...

hope you had a lovely holiday and happy enw year!

Darlene said...

I just spent a great morning sitting in front of the computer, sipping my cup of OJ, while reading your blog. I absolutely need to do so more often. I miss you terribly! And you are still one of the funniest, and sweetest, individuals that I know! xoxo Darlene