Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Pretty Sparkly Things

While doing some shopping with Lisa in Chicago, she quickly pointed out that I was drawn like a magnet to pretty much anything sparkly. I don't know if it's the holidays or what...but I am ALL ABOUT THE SPARKLES right now. Of course this comes at a time when I own pretty much nothing sparkly. What's up with that?! are my top sparkly picks for the holiday season, starting with the cheap stuff:

Forever 21 Sequin Twist Headband $3.80 fabulous are these super cheapo shoes from F21? I first saw them on Gigi's blog and fell in love. I checked them out at F21 in Chicago and they were gorgeous!!!
Forever 21 Donatella Glitter Peep Toe $22.80
Okay, on to my one true shopping love, J. Crew. I may not be able to afford anything besides socks and accessories at the outlet, but...I will never stop loving their beautiful items. They really went all out this season with the sparkles and I LOVE ALL OF IT.

J. Crew Sequined Starland Tank $138

J. Crew Sequin Scarf Cardigan $110.40 (on sale!)

J. Crew Crushed Glitter Magic Wallet $16.50

J. Crew Skinny Crushed-Glitter Belt $24.50

J. Crew Starlight Glitter Ballet Flats $125

Okay, no sparkles here, just pretty silver flats with a pretty bow. Just had to share! :)

J. Crew Pippa Mirror Ballet Flats $135
Am I the only one crushing on sparkles right now? What are your favorite festive things?


Molly Lou Gifts said...

I love all of those sparkly things. I do have an obsession with looking at all things sparkle, but I just am not sure that I can pull many of them off.

head to toe sparkles-next fashion trend!

Jenn said...

i KNEW you liked that fur/sparkle jacket you tried on at the thrift store. do i need to make a trip back there and get it for you??? ;)

Kristin said...

Silver and sparkles. Too of my very favorite things this holiday season. Fabulous post!

Just Anonymous Prep said...

I'm loving sparkles and have been drooling over those mirrored flats for a few weeks. I just cannot figure out how to wear sparkly pieces to work without looking crazy.

Brittany Ann said...

I'm right with you!

Although this year, I'm particulary drawn to ruffles. If it's ruffly, I want in!

Jackie said...

I love all things, sparkly, shiny, ruffled, sequined, etc. etc. Total 8 year old girl over here!

AEOT said...

I saw a darling sequined tank at Target the other day- WAAAAAAAYYYYY cheaper than the JCrew one, and since you'll only probably wear it a few times, definitely worth buying on the cheaper end. Check it out- it would be darling under a cardigan for NYE!!

Love the headband, btw. May have to check that one out myself!!

Wearing Mascara said...

I LOVE those sparkling high heels. I die. I would totally rock those out for NYE...

Perfectly Imperfect said...

oh i love sparkles too!! those pumps and that sequined tank are to die for!!