Monday, March 23, 2009


Well, I have finally made it through my Google Reader. I now officially have ZERO unread posts! I am sooo super impressed with myself. And...I read almost everything! Well, okay, I skimmed. I read my faves (i.e. any of you who are reading this...I likely read your blog!)...and deleted Perez and some other stuff.

So! I discovered that I have received two bloggie awards! I'm so excited! Meagan from The Life of Me awarded me with the Cute Blogger Award! accurately follow the rules for this award, I have to list ten not-so-cute things about myself. Hmm. Perhaps I should let my husband write this post? Ha! Instead, I'll list 10 not-so-cute things I imagine he'd say about me:

1. I can never get comfortable - especially while sitting on the couch watching a movie. I move around and change positions constantly. This annoys both of us...but...I JUST CAN'T GET COMFY!

2. I giggle incessently when it's bedtime. I'm not sure if he thinks this is cute or not...but he definitely thinks it's a little weird. Say something not even remotely funny...and I die from hysterics. It's weird, I have to admit.

3. I'm messy. I leave my shoes all over the apartment. Periodically, I come home to find that they have all been placed in a pile in the bedroom. I wish I could put all my things away...but...I seem to be completely physically unable to do so.

4. I hate wearing bras. And...well...yeah. Usually undies too. As soon as I get home from work, I strip down and put on my bra/panties. I feel awkward telling you this...but, what can I say. It's the truth.

5. I'm obsessed with pulling and poking at my belly fat. I keep thinking that one day, I'll just wake up and be super-skinny. When does this happen??? Anyone know?

6. I don't listen to voicemails. If you call me, don't bother leaving a message. Because I won't listen to it. Of course, if you call and DON'T leave a message, I won't call you back. So, leave a message. I guess. Or not. Your call, I suppose. I like to wait until I have 10 or 11 voicemails before I listen to them - it seems like I'm simplifying matters. You agree with me, right? Right???

7. I love my short hair, but desperately wish that I could still pull it back in a ponytail. Because then I could get away with not prettifying myself every. freaking. day. of. the. week.

8. I hate shaving my seems to take forever and it grows back so quickly. What's the point? Oh, right, I remember. Hairy legs = gross legs. I desperately wish that laser hair removal was cheaper.

9. I love to cook...but I hate doing the dishes. So, they'll likely sit there. Overnight. Which I hate, because I love having a clean kitchen. Oh can't have it both ways, right?

10. I am totally, completely, 100% addicted to my Blackberry. LOVE IT.

Whew! That was hard. And embarrassing. Sigh. Oh well, get over it!

My next award is the Kreativ Blogger Award, which I received from my blog twin (and recent giveaway winner!) Jenn from Jeans Friday. Thanks, Jenn!

The rules for this bloggie award are MUCH simpler, thank goodness! I'm supposed to list seven things I love, and then pass this award on to seven bloggers. So! Here are seven things I absolutely love, adore, cherish, etc.:

1. Saying "my husband" seems cliche, so instead I'll say - date night with my husband. We don't have many going-out-to-eat date nights anymore, but when we do - I absolutely cherish them. And I will make pretty much ANYTHING a date night - a quick trip to Starbucks, a walk through the mall, etc. As long as we are going out and doing something together - I love it!

2. Walking my dog. Taking Oscar on a long walk is such a true, simple pleasure. There is just something about that human-animal bond that I find very real and very special. Sometimes, I really feel like he understand what I'm saying and feeling. Other times, he burps, farts, and licks his privates.

3. The perfect budget find. You know what I'm talking about, girls! When you find the perfect item at the perfect price. It just feels so good!

4. Being at the beach. I'm not a sun person - on the contrary, I burn the second I walk outside. But there is something about the ocean I find so calming. I'd love to live by water someday...

5. Starbucks. The perfect treat!

6. Sharpies. I LOVE extra fine point Sharpies, and have them in a variety of colors. They are the perfect writing utensil!

7. Kate Spade. This shouldn't surprise you! I love anything and everything Kate Spade. I, paper products (thanks Lisa!), vases, china, sunglasses, toasting flutes, a small clutch...hmm. I think that's all. I can't wait to watch my collection grow!

WOW! Posting about these awards was a lot more difficult than I thought it would be. So, now to pick some award recipients - I know that probably a lot of you have already received some of these awards. And that's okay! Here they are again, anyway!

I am sending both awards on to some fab bloggers I don't believe I've awarded before:

1. Casey at The Ever Changing Life of a Military Wife

2. Bianca at Isn't She Pretty in Pink

3. Taryn at The Colorado Desert

4. Jenny at Lucky in Love

5. Julie at Wearing Mascara



Lucky in Love said...

You are too sweet!! Thanks for the shout out! :)

Congrats on your awards!

Casey said...

Thanks! Are you just trying to get me to post something positive? :)

Oh, and I am also anti-bra. I solve this by getting the built in bra tank tops from NY&Co. I have them in every color. 5 in white, 2 in black. I wear them under everything. Much better than a bra!

Taryn said...

Thanks so much! (I did get it while you were gone- but seriously- thank you. I am honored.)

brown eyed girl said...

I'm also anti-undergarments upon returning home. And Starbucks. Deelish!

MissBliss said...

I get it on vm s they are so last century :). I like to cook but not clean, too, and get giggly at night! We are newlyweds, its still a slumber party with our love everynight! And who needs constriction once back home? Au revoir to the bra! Such a great list!!!