Monday, March 9, 2009

Weekend, etc.

You know what I don't like about the time change?

The fact that on Friday, I drove to work in sunny warmth. This morning, it was pitch black. Oh well...I know it will change soon. It just sucks right now!

How was your weekend? I cannot lie...mine was fabulous! Very low-key, nothing exciting happened. But the weather was fantastic and we definitely took advantage of it!

I already blogged Friday about my afternoon run with Mr. Smith. A few of you asked how he can motivate me without pissing me off...and I think the answer is just that he's very patient with me. We only ran a mile, but...hey, we ran a mile! Without stopping! This is (sadly) a pretty big deal for me. I am never successful when I run by myself - I realize that I run too quickly, and then I run out of steam after only a couple of minutes. Mr. Smith makes me run SLOWLY so that I can complete the full run.

Also...I can't stop when I'm with him! When I run by myself, I stop when I'm tired. I never have the willpower to just. keep. on. going. I don't feel like I can stop when I'm with Mr., he gives me little goals. "It's just around the corner! We just have to go over this last hill! We're almost there - but you better not stop til we reach the front door!"

So, that's that. I'm looking forward (!) to our run this afternoon...I'll let you know how it goes!

On Saturday, we woke up to absolutely GORGEOUS summer weather! It was 75 degrees here, sunny, breezy and beautiful. We decided to explore a new hiking trail, and ended up taking Oscar for a five mile hike. Well, walk. But it was a brisk walk. And I prefer to call it a hike. :) Afterwards, we rewarded ourselves with some frozen yogurt! Yum. We went back home, sat on the porch with the dog, ate ice cream and read for much of the afternoon. It really was fabulous. I have a feeling that we'll be using the porch quite a bit this summer!

Anyway, that was the highlight of my weekend. What about you?


kilax said...

One mile is a great start! It's hard to pace yourself when you are just beginning. I am happy your husband is so supportive! That really means a lot. I know one couple where the husband discouraged the wife during her 5K training and talked about how awful she is to my husband. That really bothered me.

I think the highlight of my weekend was making homemade granola bars. And I also had two very good runs :)

katie said...

1 mile is great! i couldn't even do 1/2 a mile!

Jenn said...

glad you had a nice weekend! :) i'm so jealous - it RAINED here all weekend.

update on the clinique stuff: my skin is SO freaking soft. i absbolutely love this stuff!!

Taryn said...

We had a great weekend too- Saturday was snowy and Sunday was 70 degrees! What a weird weekend.

Lucky in Love said...

Glad your weekend was fab! Wish I had a sounds simply wonderful!

Good luck with your run!

Playful Professional said...

That's funny. I was so excited today because when I left work it was still light out (I work from 9:30-6:30) rather than pitch black. Still not happy about losing an hour though.