Sunday, March 1, 2009

Photo fun tag!

Lucky in Love tagged me for the fun photo activity.

Here are the rules:  go to wherever you keep your photos on the up the 6th folder and then the 6th photo.  Post and explain!

So, here is my photo (and this is kind of difficult to do on iPhoto, so to be honest...I just closed my eyes and picked a photo at random):

Oh my gosh!  I love that this was my random photo.  This is a photo of Mr. Smith when he was in the Army.  His facial expression pretty much sums up his thoughts about being the Army...and this photo makes me laugh every time!  I also love it because I have virtually no photos of him in any of his uniforms - and let's face it, men in uniforms just look hot.  I never once saw him in his Class As (something that still upsets me) and I only saw him in his ACUs if I woke up early enough to see him leaving for work.  Which wasn't super often.  

For some background info, especially because I know I have some military wife readers out there...Mr. Smith enlisted after he graduated college.  He was EOD (explosives ordnance disposal) and enlisted solely because he wanted to be deployed.  Four years later...he never got deployed and spent the majority of his time in Washington DC (he was stationed first at Fort McNair, in SE DC, and then Fort Belvoir, in Virginia).  He did a lot of VIP missions and spent a lot of time with politicians.  He was NOT happy...he wanted very much to be deployed and be able to do what he was trained for.  

Let's just say...I didn't mind much that he wasn't ever deployed, but at the same time...seeing him so unhappy with his job wasn't very much fun, either.  When his four years were up, he got out...and of course, we still have four more years he can be called back up.  And I pretty much have weekly nightmares that he IS called up and sent on a 15 month deployment.  Oh well...such is life!

Mr. Smith disliked his time in the Army so much that, to be honest, he got in trouble here and there.  He often felt that he was surrounded by idiots...and ran his mouth a bit here and there.  EOD units are typically a bit different than what they call "big Army," and they tend to disregard some of the rules.  I am laughing just looking at his haircut in this is SO LONG!  I have some other photos when we started dating, and his hair is super short.  Over the years...he stopped caring more and more about regs like that.  Once the uniforms changed over to ACUs, he never attached his EOD badge either...just because he didn't feel like it.  I don't think he would have ever survived as part of a non-EOD unit!

So - there ya go!  For this fun activity, I tag anyone who hasn't done this yet...and anyone who wants to!


Taryn said...

Wow- great story. I hope that he doesn't get deployed for a 15 month deal- for your sake. I am glad that Chris never went in- he thought about it- I know he wanted to. It is selfish, I know, but I would miss him so much and I would not handle the anxiety very well. Thanks for sharing the picture!

Lucky in Love said...

Great pic! I hope your husband stays around for a long time! :)